Shocking Incident in Vadodara: Father-in-law’s Death, Father-Son Serious, Police Uncover Poison in Sugarcane Juice

In the expansive neighborhood of Tarsali in Vadodara, a mysterious death has occurred in the Sony family, involving a daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law. The condition of the father and son is serious. During the police investigation, traces of poison were found in the sherbet served. Now, the mystery revolves around who administered the poison in the sherbet. Even though the final rites of the deceased mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s family were performed, it has been discovered that they had consumed the poisoned sherbet. After questioning, even the family members of the deceased have been investigated by the police. Currently, the father and son are teetering between life and death.

Father’s Suspicions: PI

The PI of Makarpura Police Station has informed that last night, they received a uniform from Sajeevi Hospital regarding this matter. Meanwhile, the police also reached Sajeevi Hospital. During this time, the father informed that his wife had given potassium cyanide in the sherbet to his son’s wife and father. After our investigation, we took them to their home. During this, they suddenly vomited and were immediately rushed to Sajeevi Hospital. The situation remains critical. Currently, we have suspicions regarding the father, and we are in the process of filing a 302 against him.

Tragic Deaths in the Sony Family of Tarsali, Vadodara

According to received information, in the Sony family residing in Tarasali’s neighborhood of Vadodara, a mysterious death occurred involving Manoharlal Sony and his son Chetanbhai. Chetanbhai performed the final rites without informing the police. Meanwhile, Chetanbhai’s son Akash Sony is currently admitted to the ICU and is battling between life and death.

Potassium Cyanide in the Sherbet

Potassium cyanide was found in the sherbet. The neighbors revealed that they had been living on rent for the last five years without any incidents of quarrel or disturbance. They had never mentioned any such thing.

Never Said It Was God’s Will

Binduben’s brother Manojkumar Sony stated that this incident happened at night. In the morning, his son’s friend admitted him to the hospital. Then, he received a call informing him that his wife, his son’s wife, and his father were admitted to Sajeevi Hospital. It was said that if Sarla’s death had occurred due to consuming sherbet, then it was said to bury her body. Initially, it was said that she had suffered food poisoning. But that’s the doctor’s matter. If Chetanbhai’s wife gets well, they have never talked to them. They never said it was God’s will. The condition of my sister-in-law is serious, that’s what the doctor says.


Critical Condition of Akash’s Father

Akash’s friend informed that Akash called him saying, “I have messaged you the medicine on WhatsApp, come quickly.” So, I took the medicine and went to their house. There, Akash’s mother and grandfather were behaving strangely. So, I told another friend to bring the car and come quickly. Akash, his mother, and grandfather were taken to Sajeevi Hospital in the car. But Akash’s grandfather and mother died in Sajeevi Hospital. While Akash’s condition is critical. Akash’s father also has a critical condition. Chetanbhai claimed that he had given potassium poison in the sherbet to the family and drank it. Chetanbhai is not involved in any business now. Initially, he had a business of ring manufacturing.

Financial Troubles in Akash’s Family

There were some problems in Akash’s family regarding money.

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