Tragic Loss: Two Children Succumb to Cold-Cough-Fever in 48 Hours, Surat Infant’s Nosebleed, Another Girl’s 5-Day Fever

In Surat, within two days, two children have succumbed to illness. A five-year-old girl had been suffering from cold, cough, and fever for the past two months. After blood started oozing from her nose, she was rushed to the civil hospital. Unfortunately, her death occurred before any treatment could be provided. The father of the child expressed that they had already lost two children before this.

The Lone Son of a Family

Ramakant Shukla, residing in Uttar Pradesh and currently in the mountainous area near Bhatar, lives with his wife and son. Ramakant works with marble and supports his family. His wife gave birth to a son three months ago, named Ganesh. Just two days ago, Ganesh fell ill with cold and fever. Despite ongoing medication, he was rushed to the civil hospital after blood started coming from his nose. The doctors declared the child dead.

Unaware Wife

The father of the deceased child, Ramakant Shukla, revealed that he had lost two children before this incident. One died during pregnancy, and the other succumbed to death within two months of birth. Currently, the wife is not informed about the demise of the child.

Death of a 5-Year-Old Yesterday

Santosh Bhai Das, originally from Jharkhand and now residing near Parvatgaam, in Surat, works in a hotel near Surat Railway Station to support his family. His daughter Taniya (5 years old) had been suffering from a fever for the last four to five days. The family took Taniya to a private pharmacy near their home.

Report Before Death

After four days of no improvement, the doctor suggested getting Taniya’s blood report. The family got her blood tested, but even before the report arrived, Taniya’s health deteriorated rapidly. Consequently, the family brought her to the new civil hospital for emergency care, where, unfortunately, the doctors declared her dead.

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