New Accident Law Sparks Protest: Trucks Roar, Bus Stands Deserted

Surat: Truck drivers in the state have spontaneously organized roadblocks at various locations, protesting against the new laws. In Surat, BRTS and AMTS drivers have joined the protest, staging a three-day strike. The opposition to the recently amended laws in Accident is evident through organized demonstrations. It is noteworthy that the recent changes, replacing the British-era laws with modified Indian legal provisions, have sparked widespread resistance. Truck drivers are particularly incensed by the new regulations.

Violent Opposition Unfolds in Gir Somnath

In Gir Somnath, truck drivers have intensified their strike, resulting in the creation of situations like roadblocks. The drivers have disrupted traffic near Veraval by vandalizing trucks in protest. The new rules have triggered widespread demonstrations and strong resentment among truck drivers.

BRTS and City Bus Drivers Unite in Surat

In another development, even the BRTS and city bus drivers in Surat have joined the strike. Thousands of truckers in Hazira have also participated, and a significant number of them have engaged in the strike. The protest against the new laws is now officially announced with a three-day strike.

Why the Opposition Persists?

The protest has emerged due to a specific incident where truckers, including major vehicle owners, caused an accident in the case of a hit-and-run. To discourage such incidents in the future, a fine of ₹700,000 and imprisonment of up to 10 years has been imposed on truckers and large vehicle owners. This has fueled strong opposition among them.

What Does the New Law Entail?

Under the proposed Indian Justice Code of 2023, if a person dies due to someone’s negligence or any criminal act, and the accused avoids justice or absconds from the crime scene, the punishment may include imprisonment, fines, or both. The proposed bill suggests a minimum of seven years of imprisonment and a fine for offenses where the accused is convicted in absentia or absconds after the incident, considering the severity of the crime.

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