TB Patient Commits Suicide at Gandhinagar Civil Hospital: Investigation Underway

A tragic incident occurred at the Sector-7 police station where a young man, Rahul Ishvarji Thakor, aged 20 and hailing from Piyaj village, succumbed to injuries caused by a sudden attack while he was admitted to the tuberculosis ward of the new building of Gandhinagar Civil Hospital. The incident sparked an immediate investigation by the authorities.

Earlier this morning, various employees of the tuberculosis ward, along with other staff members, were questioned extensively regarding the circumstances leading up to Rahul’s fatal collapse. It was discovered that Rahul Thakor had collapsed from the seventh floor of the building. Upon learning about his critical condition, hospital staff rushed to his aid.

Subsequent investigation revealed that Rahul Thakor had suffered a sudden attack related to his tuberculosis treatment, leading to his tragic demise.

Later, the seriously injured Rahul was rushed to the emergency department. However, Rahul encountered his demise when he fell from the seventh floor due to being pushed from above. This incident prompted not only the immediate investigation by the authorities but also raised concerns among the deceased’s relatives who rushed to the scene.

In response to the situation, PSI R. Chaudhary stated that Rahul Thakor was known to be a tuberculosis patient who was admitted to the tuberculosis ward. It was revealed that he had fallen from the seventh floor of the hospital building this morning. The Sector-7 police team also arrived at the scene to conduct further inquiries.

PSI R. Chaudhary further elaborated that Rahul Thakor, a tuberculosis patient who was admitted to the ward, has fallen from the seventh floor of the building. This incident demands a thorough investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding his fall. It’s noteworthy that even during the pandemic, Dhanjibhai, a resident near the boundary of Saragasan in Gandhinagar, suffered a similar accident due to a skin disease and fell from the seventh floor of the new building at the Civil Hospital.

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