Tragic Incident: Daughter Crushed by Trailer Where Father Stood as Traffic Police Officer; Locals Block Highway in Protest

This morning around 8 o’clock, a serious accident involving mopeds occurred near Vaheli. Two teenage girls were critically injured after colliding heavily with a trailer. This incident sparked significant concern among local youth. 

Sadly, one of the girls lost her life during treatment. The sudden accident gathered hundreds of people at the scene near Yogeshwar Chowk. Anger flared among locals due to frequent accidents in the area, leading to heated exchanges.

Father Rushes to Anjar Police Station as 16-Year-Old Daughter Meets Tragic Accident

This morning, Mr. Vanrajsinh, upon learning of his daughter’s tragic accident, rushed to the traffic police station in Anjar. The 16-year-old girl was on her way to school around 8 AM when the accident occurred suddenly near Yogeshwar Chowk in Anjar. Mr. Vanrajsinh was also present at the scene.

The girl was initially taken to Divine Life Hospital in Adipur, where doctors declared her deceased. Later, her body was transferred to the government hospital in Rambagh for post-mortem examination. Police are investigating the incident further following the unfortunate death.

Locals Express Anger, Deflate Tires of Vehicles

Locals Express Anger, Deflate Tires of Vehicles

Near Yogeshwar Chowk in Anjar, following the accident involving a trailer and a scooter, serious injuries were sustained by teenage girls. Both injured girls were rushed to the hospital for treatment. Tragically, one of the girls succumbed to her injuries during treatment, while the other is currently under care at a local hospital.

Following the incident, enraged locals took drastic measures by deflating tires of heavy vehicles parked nearby. This act intensified the situation, prompting police to intervene and attempt to restore traffic flow amidst escalating tensions.

Violation of Collector's Public Notice Leads to Heavy Vehicle Spread

Violation of Collector’s Public Notice Leads to Heavy Vehicle Spread

Despite the collector’s public notice imposing a ban on heavy vehicles due to local complaints, no action has been taken through the system to prevent any madness. Many people have lost their lives due to accidents on this route.

Unaware Father Struggles to Manage Traffic After Unexpected Incident

In the vicinity of Yogeshwar Chowk, an unexpected incident resulted in locals recalling a public notice. Following the traffic chaos, police had to resort to using force. Amidst greater compassion, it was revealed that during the incident, a young woman’s life was lost due to unforeseen circumstances, while her unaware father continued to manage traffic arrangements.

Public Protests Following Unexpected Incident

Public Protests Following Unexpected Incident

Today, once again near Yogeshwar Chowk in Anjar, a protest erupted among locals following another incident. This morning, two school-going girls were hit by a trailer, resulting in their unfortunate demise. This incident sparked widespread anger among the people, leading them to block roads in protest. The police attempted to clear traffic amidst growing tensions. 

At one point, angered locals even let the air out of tires of heavy vehicles to express their frustration. The locals protested, arguing that heavy vehicles cause a hindrance and are freely allowed despite the Collector’s public notice being violated repeatedly through local mechanisms.

Police Resort to Force Post Barricade

Police Resort to Force Post Barricade

Due to unexpected incidents on this road, many individuals have lost their lives. Moreover, local measures have proven ineffective thus far. After traffic jams persisted until late hours due to unexpected incidents, police had to resort to force to clear the roads. Following the incident, public opposition caused vehicular transactions to halt.

Trailer Driver Escapes from the Scene

In a surprising turn of events, a trailer driver has fled from the scene immediately after the accident. Initial investigations reveal that responsibility for opening the traffic had been assigned to Vanrajsinh Solanki of the traffic department after the accident occurred unexpectedly. 

They were unaware. After the young girl’s death in a private hospital, her father was informed. His beloved son Rajviba died unexpectedly in an accident. After opening the road using force, the police are now conducting a more thorough investigation to find the trailer driver.

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