Tragic Accident in Gondal, Kutch: 6 Lives Lost, Village Mourns

Fatal Accident Near Bhachau Taluka Claims 6 Lives

A horrific accident occurred yesterday evening on the Dhori-Maar Road near Bhachau Taluka in Kutch. The accident involved a collision between a truck (trailer) and a car, resulting in the tragic deaths of 6 people from a single family in Gondal, along with the driver. Additionally, 3 individuals sustained serious injuries. The accident caused a heavy crowd to gather at the scene, making it challenging to provide assistance to the injured. The bodies of the deceased were taken to the village of Gondal for funeral rites, where the grieving family faced immense anguish. The funeral procession took place this morning, with the entire village sharing in the sorrow once again.

Tragic Death of 6 Individuals

Yesterday evening, a heart-wrenching accident claimed the lives of 5 members of the Khataria family from the village of Derdi (Kumbhaji) and the driver of the Ikko car, Bahadur Kalubhai Kalubhai Khataria, in the same accident. The deceased include Bhavesh Devshibhai Khataria, his wife Bhavna Bhaveshbhai Khataria, their son Rudra Bhaveshbhai Khataria, and Bhaveshbhai’s sister Sonal Amitbhai Gorasiya (resident of Rajkot), along with their aunt Ambaben Devarajbhai Vaghasiya (resident of Bagasara), totaling 5 members of a single family from Derdi (Kumbhaji) village and the driver of the Ikko car.

Village Residents Express Grief by Temporarily Suspending Business Activities

In the aftermath of this tragedy, three individuals, Vaibhav Bhaveshbhai Khataria, Vidisha Pravinbhai Khataria, and Granth Amitbhai Gorasiya, were hospitalized with severe injuries. As the news of this unfortunate incident unfolded, the funeral procession of the deceased departed this morning, eliciting a resurgence of sorrow among the village residents. In a display of mourning, the villagers temporarily suspended their business activities, expressing their grief. A joint funeral procession was held for the three members of a single family.

Bereaved Son Vaibhav Khataria Clears Board Exam with Flying Colors

In the wake of the tragedy, Vaibhav Bhaveshbhai Khataria, who has been diligently attending to the affairs of his family under the care at Bhuj Hospital, has lost his parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Vaibhav Khataria was a student at Modi School in Rajkot, and he has now passed his board exams with flying colors, securing 691 out of 720 marks. This achievement has not only brought pride to the Khataria family and the village of Derdi (Kumbhaji), but it has also been a source of solace amidst the sorrow. Additionally, Vaibhav’s family members visited the Shri Momi Mataji Temple, their ancestral deity, in Kutch to seek blessings. Later, they returned to face the ordeal of their loss, as the grief spread among the villagers.

Fatal Accident on Bhachau Highway

A tragic accident occurred on Tuesday evening on the Bhachau highway, near the wooden bridge. Due to the negligence of the drivers on the bridge under construction, a collision between an Eeco car and a trailer resulted in the death of 6 people, with three others sustaining serious injuries. The accident caused a heavy traffic jam on the highway. The Bhachau police rushed to the scene to control the situation and facilitate the transportation of the casualties to the hospital.

3 Men and 3 Women Killed in Accident

In a tragic incident near the Radhanpur railway crossing on the Morbi highway, a total of 6 people lost their lives. Among them, 3 men and 3 women were confirmed dead by the police. The victims were returning to their village from the Momai Temple in Rapar taluka of Rajkot district when their car collided with a trailer on the Bhachau bypass road. The collision occurred while the car was attempting to overtake another vehicle near the railway crossing. The bodies were recovered and taken to the nearest government hospital for further procedures.

Speaking to the media, the Bhachau Police Inspector confirmed that the accident occurred due to the negligence of the drivers involved in the overtaking maneuver. He also mentioned that the process of clearing the wreckage and attending to the injured is underway. Notably, the immediate response of the German TMT Bar award winner, Iraqi national, who sent an ambulance from the company, was appreciated for its promptness in assisting the victims.

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