Indian Fatality in Israel-Hamas Conflict: 2 Injured, Hezbollah Missile Attack; 2 Indian-Origin Soldiers Killed in Gaza

Amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict, one Indian national lost his life while two others were injured in an anti-tank missile attack by Hezbollah from Lebanon in Israel’s Galilee region. The deceased Indian is identified as Patnibin Maxwell, a resident of Kolam, Kerala. The two injured Indians are Bush Joseph George and Paul Melvin, also residents of Kerala. 

According to news agency PTI, George has been taken to Bellinson Hospital, where his condition is reported to be improving, allowing him to communicate with his family. The incident underscores the global ramifications of regional conflicts and the need for swift diplomatic efforts towards peace and resolution.

The picture is of Indian-origin Israeli soldier Hallel Solomon, who died in Gaza in November.

Loss of Two Indian-Origin Soldiers in Conflict

During the ongoing conflict against Hamas in Gaza, two soldiers of Indian origin lost their lives. In December, Israeli soldier Gil Daniels, hailing from Maharashtra, lost his life in combat against Hamas. Aged 34, Daniels had been engaged just a month before his demise and had been participating in the conflict since October 10. 

Similarly, in November, 20-year-old Israeli soldier Hallel Solomon, of Indian descent, also lost her life in the conflict. These incidents highlight the global dimension of conflicts and the sacrifices made by individuals of diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of peace and security.

Israeli Strikes Target Hezbollah Positions

According to media reports, Israel has conducted strikes on Hezbollah locations. The attack was carried out by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, operating from Lebanon. Since the beginning of the conflict on October 8, they have continuously supported Hamas by launching missile attacks on Israel

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, following Monday’s attack, Israel responded with retaliatory actions targeting several locations, including Hezbollah’s launch sites. The escalation underscores the complexity and intensity of the ongoing conflict, with repercussions extending beyond regional borders.

Operation Ajay: India’s Rescue Mission for Citizens Stranded in Israel

Following the commencement of the Israel-Hamas conflict, India initiated Operation Ajay to evacuate Indian citizens stranded in Israel. The mission aimed to assist those Indians who wished to return to their homeland amidst escalating tensions. 

According to figures released by the Indian embassy located in Tel Aviv in October, approximately 18,000 Indians reside in Israel. Operation Ajay underscores India’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens during times of crisis, regardless of their location around the globe.

The picture is of Indians returning from Israel under Operation Ajay.

Israel Claims to Have Killed 229 Hezbollah Fighters So Far

Amidst the clashes between Israel and Hezbollah during the ongoing conflict, a total of 7 civilians and 10 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives. Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have claimed to have killed 229 Hezbollah fighters during the confrontations. 

Most of these casualties occurred in Lebanon, with some also reported in Syria. The escalating violence underscores the intensity and toll of the conflict on both sides, with casualties mounting on civilian as well as military fronts.

Israel Launches “Swords of Iron” Operation in Response to “Al-Aqsa Flood”

On October 7, Hamas launched an attack against Israel, naming their operation “Al-Aqsa Flood”. In retaliation, the Israeli military initiated the “Swords of Iron” operation against Hamas. Hamas military commander Mohammad Deif stated that the attack was in response to Israel’s desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. In April 2023, Israeli police had thrown grenades inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, triggering tensions.

Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad mentioned to Al Jazeera that this action serves as a response to Arab countries that are moving closer to Israel. Recent media reports have also claimed that the United States’ initiative may grant recognition to Israel as a legitimate state among Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations. The situation underscores the intricate geopolitical dynamics in the region and the escalating tensions between Israel and its adversaries.

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