Shivratri Fair: ‘Har Har Mahadev’ Kickstarts Triveni Confluence of Bhajans, Food, Devotion; Monks, Artists, Lakhs of Devotees

The Mahashivratri Fair, spanning four days, commenced today in the vicinity of Bhavnath Mahadev, situated at the foothills of Girnar, Gujarat. The fair opened ceremoniously after the hoisting of flags at the Bhavnath Mahadev Temple earlier today. Over the next four days, the Bhavnath Temple premises will witness an influx of Nagas, ascetics, saints, and thousands of devotees who will revel in the festivities of Mahadev’s fair.

In this amalgamation of devotion, cuisine, and spiritual fervor, Sadhus will engage in sacred rituals while various artists will enchant the devotees with soul-stirring hymns and performances. The air will resonate with the echoes of devotional songs as devotees immerse themselves in the divine aura of the festival.

Traditional Opening of the Fair with the Presence of Sadhus and Saints

The commencement of the Shivratri Fair witnessed a traditional opening with the esteemed presence of saints and ascetics at Junagadh’s Bhavnath Temple precincts. The revered Mahamandaleshwar Harigiri Maharaj, along with numerous Sadhus and saints, graced the occasion with their spiritual aura, marking the auspicious beginning of the fair. 

Officials from various administrative levels, district authorities, and dignitaries from across the country joined the Nagas and ascetics in the sacred flag hoisting ceremony at the Bhavnath Temple complex, experiencing the profound blessings of the divine rituals with a sense of gratitude and reverence.

Invocation of Lord Mahadev with Chants and Rituals

Invocation of Lord Mahadev with Chants and Rituals

Following age-old traditions, the sacred grounds of Bhavnath resonate with the celebration of the Shivratri Fair, a tradition spanning many years. In adherence to the eternal customs, devotees gather to invoke the praises of Bhavnath Mahadev with resounding chants and the performance of intricate rituals. After the completion of the worship ceremonies, the sacred flag atop the spire of the Bhavnath Mahadev Temple is unfurled, marking the auspicious beginning of the grand festival of Mahashivratri.

This morning, amidst the presence of saints, ascetics, and devotees, the ceremonial flag hoisting at the Bhavnath Mahadev Temple heralded the commencement of the fair. The faithful devotees, following traditional customs, participated in the worship rituals, invoking blessings and divine grace upon the occasion.

Convergence of Devotees with Saints from Afar

Convergence of Devotees with Saints from Afar

With the resonant chants of “Bam Bam Bhole” and the majestic echoes of Mahadev’s hymns, thousands of devotees will converge in the grand festivities of Mahashivratri. The Mahashivratri fair signifies the harmonious blend of devotion, feasting, and spiritual communion—a tradition upheld fervently for years. Enthusiastic devotees, numbering in the thousands, throng to this celebration of reverence and devotion.

From distant corners, both domestic and international, saints and ascetics make their pilgrimage to partake in the festivities. Amidst the vibrant ambiance, saints and ascetics chant hymns in honor of Bholenath, while devotees immerse themselves in the spiritual aura of the occasion.

Four-Day Extravaganza Marks the Celebrations of Mahashivratri

Four-Day Extravaganza Marks the Celebrations of Mahashivratri

From today onwards, for four consecutive days, thousands of people will come together with joy to celebrate the grand festival. The culmination of the fair will be after the magnificent procession of saints and ascetics on the last day, following the completion of the Mahashivratri rituals. 

This procession, adorned with the presence of saints and ascetics, will witness various spiritual activities. The procession will wind its way through the expanses of Bhavnath, and later, after a regal bath at the Mrigikund near the temple, the fair will conclude. Thus, a grand celebration spanning four days will mark the observance of Mahashivratri.

Devotees Will Experience Gratitude through Meals, Prasad, and Blessings

Devotees Will Experience Gratitude through Meals, Prasad, and Blessings

Rameshwar Giri Maharaj announced that today the flag will be hoisted in the presence of Bhavnath Mahadev, marking the beginning of the fair. Following this event, the Nagas will display their flags. Here, devotees will experience gratitude through meals, prasad, and blessings. Devotees, ascetics, and saints come from afar to attend this fair. They pray for prosperity and good health for all in the nation of India, hoping for wealth and well-being to flourish.

ST Department Introduces Bus Services for Travelers

In light of the Mahashivratri festivities, the ST department has initiated bus transportation services for travelers. Buses will be available from Junagadh bus station to Bhavnath Talati, towards the city. Approximately 75 buses will operate from the bus station. 

The fare for each passenger on these buses is set at 25 rupees. Once the festival concludes, around 210 buses will be deployed to transport travelers back to their respective cities. Apart from the Junagadh division, extra buses will also be managed by other divisions.

Bhajans and Cultural Programs

During the Mahashivratri festivities, renowned artists from Gujarat will enchant the audience with devotional songs and folk performances. The Junagadh District Administration and the Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Board have organized cultural programs to celebrate the occasion. Devotees are encouraged to participate in these events showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat.

Here’s the schedule of artists for the cultural programs:

  • March 5, 2024: Sairam Dave, Geetaben Rabari, and Shivraj Vala.
  • March 6, 2024: Kirtidan Gadhvi, Anudan Gadhvi, Jitu Daad, and Jagdish Maher.
  • March 7, 2024: Bhoomi Trivedi, Aniruddh Ahir, Deepak Joshi, and Divyesh Jethva.

These cultural events featuring bhajan performances will commence at 7:00 PM each day and will be held as part of the Mahashivratri festivities at Bhavnath, a sacred place in Junagadh. The Junagadh District Administration encourages devotees and the general public to attend these grand cultural programs for their enjoyment and benefit.

Special Instructions by the Forest Department

In the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, there is a strict prohibition against venturing into the jungle without permission or taking vehicles. No animals are to be disturbed in this area. The sanctuary is home to lions, and during the Mahashivratri festival, when lions may be present around the festival area, no individual is allowed to disturb them or engage in any behavior that could harm them or any other wildlife. Any such actions would be in violation of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 and would be subject to legal action.

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