4 US Teachers Stabbed in China: Violent Attack at Dholadivas Park Leaves Victims Hospitalized

Knife Attack on Four American Teachers in China

On Monday, four teachers from an American college were attacked with a knife in Jilin, China. Among the victims was a female teacher. All were severely injured and subsequently hospitalized. According to CNN, the teachers, who were from Cornell College in Iowa, were present in a public park when the attack occurred.

Videos shared on social media show the injured teachers lying on the ground, covered in blood. Details about the assailant and the motive behind the attack have not been revealed yet. The video reportedly shows Beishan Park in China. The U.S. State Department has acknowledged the incident and stated that they are closely monitoring the situation.

Teachers Were in China for a Partnership Program

The American teachers were in China as part of a partnership program with Beihua University. Cornell College clarified that no students participated in this program. The college administration stated that they are in contact with all the affected teachers and are providing the necessary assistance.

Iowa State Representative Adam Zabner told CNN that his brother, David Zabner, was among the injured teachers. This was David’s second trip to China. He is currently receiving treatment following the attack.

Attacks Occur Frequently in Public Places in China

China is among the countries with the lowest rates of violent crimes. However, there are strict regulations regarding the use of firearms. Nevertheless, occasional incidents of stabbing attacks occur in the country. Such incidents often occur in public places like schools, hospitals, and parks. In May, two people were killed and 21 injured in an attack at a hospital in the Greek region.

Notably, there haven’t been many incidents targeting foreign nationals. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign travelers were banned from entering China for three years. These restrictions were lifted in 2023. Since then, China has been making efforts to attract foreign travelers back to the country.

Invitation Extended to 50,000 Americans for Study Program in China

In a bid to enhance educational cooperation between China and the United States, continuous efforts are being made. During a visit to the United States in November, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that they would invite 50,000 Americans to China for study programs over the next five years.

In 2018, a partnership was established between Cornell College in the United States and Beihua University in China. Under this collaboration, educators and students from schools in Iowa will be sponsored by Chinese institutions for travel and education expenses. They will be taught subjects like computer science, mathematics, and physics.

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