Leaders Flock to Modi’s Virtual Event: DRM Vacates Seats for MLAs Rokadia and Balakrishna Shukla in Vadodara

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated railway projects worth 85 thousand crores from Ahmedabad virtually to Vadodara. As the Lok Sabha elections drew near, several BJP leaders attended the virtual program in Vadodara. However, the increasing number of leaders led to a shortage of chairs for them to sit on. 

As more and more leaders arrived, the availability of chairs diminished rapidly. The incident underscores the high level of enthusiasm and participation among BJP leaders for events featuring Prime Minister Modi, highlighting the significance of the railway projects and the political importance of such inaugurations in Gujarat.

BJP leaders came in large numbers.

Leaders Attending the Event in Vadodara

Several leaders attended the virtual program of Prime Minister Modi at the Vadodara railway station. Among the first arrivals were Member of Parliament Ranjan Bhatt, Mayor Pinky Soni, Deputy Mayor Chirag Barot, MLA Balkrishna Shukla, and MLAs Keyur Rokadia. They were provided with chairs by the DRM for seating. However, the influx of leaders continued, including MLA Yogesh Patel, Manisha Vakil, and Chaitanya Desai. 

BJP city president Vijay Shah also arrived later, leading to a shortage of chairs arranged by the railway department. The Lok Sabha election fever had drawn a significant number of BJP leaders to the event, causing a strain on seating arrangements. Consequently, chairs had to be repeatedly brought in and removed throughout the program to accommodate the attendees.

Vande Bharat Express Arrives in Vadodara

Alongside the inauguration and culmination ceremonies held by Prime Minister Modi from Ahmedabad, the Vande Bharat Express, running from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, also hoisted a tricolor flag as it reached Vadodara. The residents of Vadodara now benefit from the presence of the Vande Bharat Express. 

This train, operating between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, will arrive in Vadodara at 7 o’clock in the morning. It will have a stoppage of 3 minutes. Departing from Mumbai at 8:16 in the evening, it will return to Vadodara. The train will operate for 6 days a week, with no service on Sundays.

Leaders came and went and chairs disappeared.

Inauguration of Generic Medicine Warehouse in Ankleshwar

In addition to the inauguration of the Dedicated Freight Corridor by the Prime Minister, several other infrastructure developments were unveiled in Dabhoi, including the locomotive shed and the doubling line near Anand. Moreover, the inauguration ceremony also included the unveiling of the generic medicine warehouse in Ankleshwar, along with the inauguration of the Chhayapuri station, facilitating local production initiatives.

Inauguration of 17-Acre Electric Locomotive Shed at Dabhoi

A sprawling 17-acre electric locomotive shed has been inaugurated in Dabhoi, marking a significant addition to the railway infrastructure. The shed, constructed at a cost of 184.31 crores, encompasses essential facilities to enhance railway operations, including rail lines and connectivity to the Dabhoi-Chhota Udepur state highway. 

Situated just 1.5 kilometers away from Dabhoi, the shed is strategically positioned for streamlined locomotive repair operations. It boasts the capacity to accommodate the repair of 60 Jetta Three Face electrical locomotives, thereby enhancing the efficiency and maintenance capabilities of the railway network.

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