Viral Video: Zomato Delivery Girl on a Stylish Sports Bike Sparks CEO Explanation

Indore’s Zomato Delivery Girl Goes Viral in Video

A video of a Zomato delivery girl in Indore is going viral on social media. Claims on social media suggest that this video is from the Vijay Nagar locality of Indore. The Zomato delivery girl is seen riding a super bike. The delivery girl looks very stylish. People present in the area are amazed to see this girl traveling through the streets. It is said that Zomato has featured this delivery girl as part of its campaign.

Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal has denied claims that they promoted the Zomato food delivery startup by elevating a model to roam around Indore with a Zomato bag on a sports bike.

User Claim: Zomato Promoted a Model

This video was shared on platform X by a user named Rajiv Mehta. In its caption, it was claimed that Zomato’s marketing head in Indore has elevated a model to roam around the city with a Zomato bag for promotional stunts.

The Company Has Not Employed a Model With Such Intent

In response, Deepinder Goyal stated that the company has not employed a model with such intent. He also clarified that there is no marketing head in Indore. Deepinder Goyal also said, “It seems like someone is doing ‘free-riding’ on our brand. I want to clarify that women are working in food delivery, there’s nothing wrong with that. We have hundreds of women who deliver food for their families every day.

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