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Urban Yog Turns Women’s Two Biggest Foes #NothingToWear and #JhaaduJaiseBaal into Friends

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Women of today are busy managing their work and life with an ongoing war between what to wear and how to manage their unmanageable hair. The struggle never ends. With an increasing urge to prove themselves, women not only want to look good but feel good and be their best.

Stay tuned for Urban Yog’s latest campaigns #NothingToWear #JhaaduJaiseBaal

Urban Yog, like always, decided to come up with something bold and bring change to ease women’s lives. Extending a helping hand to women to make them portray their power look, Urban Yog launched #NothingToWear and #JhaaduJaiseBaal campaign. The campaign will be brought to life with its bestsellers, Urban Yog Hair Removal Cream Spray and Urban Yog Hot Air Brush.

Urban Yog understands that women always want to look put together and their clothes and hair play a major role in that. In the morning when women open their cupboard and say, “I have nothing to wear” or they look into the mirror and crib, “Inn jhaadu jaise baalon ka mein kya karu,” their confidence goes for a toss.

To ease this struggle, Urban Yog decided to step up and make women feel more confident in their day to day life.

#NothingToWear Campaign is launched in connection with Urban Yog Hair Removal Spray as the problem is not that women do not have many clothes, in fact, they have a cupboard full of clothes. The actual challenge becomes body hair as they kick out many options when she is getting ready for the day.

In the morning, she is willing to wear a dress but she realizes her legs are not shaved so all short dress options are out. Then she wants to opt for a sleeveless kurti but her underarms are not waxed so even those options are chucked out. In the end, what she is left with are a few half-sleeve t-shirts or full sleeves shirts or kurtis. Repeating these again and again, she gets bored and ends up saying, “I have nothing to wear. Therefore, this spray is a last minute solution for women to remove hair in a painless manner.

While #JhaaduJaiseBaal campaign is launched in connection with Urban Yog Hot Air Brush. When she washes her hair in morning, it becomes a task to dry and style them. So, many times due to lack of time she instead chooses not to. In turn, she ends up with messy hair and that pulls her confidence down like anything.

So Urban Yog came to the forefront to solve this problem with its Hot Air Brush that not only blow dries hair but adds volume, straightens and curls hair to give a salon-like look in minutes. It saves more than 50% of her styling and drying time making her look effortlessly gorgeous.

Women owning these two products in their wardrobe will always look put-together and that too in no time. And that’s not all, to bring this campaign to life Urban Yog has partnered with one of the most style savvy and talented actresses. Soon you will spot advertisements running across theaters, TV and OTT platforms. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for more updates.

About Urban Yog

Urban Yog is a womens beauty and personal care brand from GlobalBees Brands Pvt. Ltd. The brand was founded in 2019 and has been continuously offering bold, affordable, and innovative beauty and personal care products spanning menstrual, skin, and hair care categories. All the products are alcohol-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, suitable for all skin types, and are available on their website and Amazon.

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