Ramdev-Balkrishna Issue Apology Letter in Patanjali Ad Case: Seeks Unconditional Pardon

Advertisements published in newspapers by the Patanjali Group are accused of promoting negative publicity against allopathy, which is currently under hearing in the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Patanjali has published another apology letter in newspapers on Wednesday (April 24). Earlier, Patanjali had also published an apology letter on April 22, for which the court had given them a warning for their minor status.

In the apology letter published by Patanjali on Wednesday, it is stated – we sincerely and unconditionally apologize for the mistake made in publishing advertisements. There will be no recurrence of such mistakes. We promise to abide by the directions of the Supreme Court with caution.

In reality, Patanjali had claimed in the Supreme Court on Tuesday (April 23) that it had published apology letters in 67 newspapers. Justice Hima Kohli had questioned, “Does your apology match the extent of your advertisements? Please take cuts of these advertisements and submit them to us. There is no need to make it a big deal. We just want to see its actual extent.”

Justice Kohli further stated that when you publish advertisements, it does not mean that we will observe it through a microscope. It should not only be seen on paper but also prevented. The court has directed Ramdev and Balakrishna to submit an on-record apology letter in the next two days. The next hearing of the case will be on April 30.

Three Central Ministries Questioned on FMCG Advertisements

The Supreme Court sharply criticized misleading advertisements of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies on Tuesday. The court revealed the pageants presented to three central ministries in this regard. The recent developments regarding increased sugar content in Nestle’s baby food are crucial for the Supreme Court.

The bench said – The issue of misleading advertisements is not limited to just Patanjali. This affects all FMCG companies that expand their reach through misleading advertisements, which adversely affect the health of children, infants, and the elderly.

IMA Takes Care of Its Own House, Doctors Also Prescribe Unnecessary Expensive Medicines

The Supreme Court has advised the Indian Medical Association (IMA), which has filed a petition in the Patanjali case, to take care of its own house. The court told IMA’s senior advocate Patwalia that the association is pointing fingers at Patanjali but also consider that the other four fingers are pointing towards you (IMA). This is not just happening in FMCG. Your members also prescribe unnecessary expensive medicines and treatment. This is an unethical practice. You can also be targeted by us. Justice Amanullah said, ‘I won’t name the channel. News was flashing today that this is happening in court and advertisements were being aired. This is so regretful!’ The court also ordered the National Medical Commission (NMC) to become a respondent in this case.

Supreme Court’s Three Key Decisions in the April Storm

Supreme Court Rebukes Indian Medical Association (IMA) with Patanjali:

  1. The Supreme Court issued a rebuke to the Indian Medical Association (IMA) alongside Patanjali, stating that allopathic doctors unnecessarily prescribe costly and unnecessary medicines. Questions have been raised on IMA as well. Clarify your stance.

FMCG Companies’ Advertisements Impacting Health:

  1. FMCG companies’ advertisements affecting the health of children, students attending schools, and senior citizens were highlighted. The court indicated its intention to make licensors of all states and union territories parties in this case.

Supreme Court Directs Central Government:

  1. The Supreme Court directed the central government to submit an affidavit regarding their actions taken in the last 3 years concerning misleading advertisements. The court emphasized the need to protect children, students, and women from exploitation. The central government will also need to be vigilant.

Patanjali’s Apologies and the Court’s Response:

Patanjali had also sought forgiveness on April 2nd and 9th. The court stated that this is merely a fulfillment of formality.

Baba Ramdev Apologizes in Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Amanatullah’s Bench:

On April 2nd, Baba Ramdev sought forgiveness in Justice Hima Kohli and Justice Amanatullah’s bench. The bench reprimanded Patanjali and stated that this apology is solely for the sake of formality. There is no sign of genuine remorse. The court had confirmed the hearing date for the storm after this.

New Affidavit Filed by Baba Ramdev and Patanjali’s Managing Director Acharya Balkrishna:

A new affidavit was filed by Baba Ramdev and Patanjali’s managing director Acharya Balkrishna just a day before the storm on April 10th (April 9th). Patanjali sought an unconditional apology and expressed regret for its mistake, vowing not to repeat it.

Indian Medical Association Files Petition Against Patanjali:

The Supreme Court is hearing a petition filed by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on the application submitted on August 17, 2022. It is alleged that Patanjali had promoted COVID vaccination and conducted negative campaigns against allopathy. At the same time, they had claimed to treat various diseases with their Ayurvedic medicines.

IMA Alleges Misinformation about Allopathy and Modern Medicine:

IMA had expressed concern over spreading false information about allopathy and modern medicine. It was stated in the petition that Patanjali’s misleading advertisements criticize allopathy and make false claims about the treatment of many diseases.

Accusations Against Patanjali Regarding Ayush Medicine:

IMA had accused Patanjali of spreading misinformation about Ayush medicine and creating fear among people about receiving the vaccine. It was also mentioned in the petition that Patanjali had mocked the youth searching for oxygen cylinders during the COVID crisis. The Ministry of Ayush has entered into an agreement with ASCI, while Patanjali has also violated suggestions.

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