AstraZeneca Withdraws COVID-19 Vaccine Globally: Heart Attack Risk Acknowledged

AstraZeneca Stops Selling and Buying its COVID-19 Vaccine Worldwide

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has decided to halt the production and supply of its COVID-19 vaccine globally. According to The Telegraph, the company stated that the decision to suspend the vaccine was not due to half-dose effects. AstraZeneca mentioned that it is now withdrawing the vaccine from the market due to commercial reasons. With many other advanced vaccines available in the market now, which can combat various strains of the virus, the production and supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been discontinued.

Media reports suggest that AstraZeneca had applied for permission to delay the vaccine on March 5th this year and it came into effect on Tuesday (May 7th). The European Union will no longer be able to use the vaccine.

AstraZeneca collaborated with Oxford University in 2020 to develop the coronavirus vaccine. Based on its formula, the Serum Institute in India produced the Covishield vaccine. While in Britain and Australia, it is known as ‘Vaxzevria’.

AstraZeneca Warns of Risk of Heart Attack from Vaccine

In reality, AstraZeneca had informed the British High Court in February that its COVID-19 vaccine could pose a dangerous side effect. The company stated in the documents filed in court that its coronavirus vaccine could lead to thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome, known as TTS, in some cases.

This condition causes blood clots in the body and a decrease in platelet count. However, such cases are very rare. AstraZeneca faces allegations that its vaccine has caused deaths in many individuals.

Many others have suffered from serious illnesses. There are 51 cases pending against the company in the High Court. The affected parties have demanded compensation of nearly 100 billion rupees from AstraZeneca.

First Case Filed by British Citizen Jamie Scott

In April 2021, British citizen Jamie Scott received this vaccine. Following the vaccination, his health deteriorated rapidly. He developed blood clots directly affecting his brain. Additionally, internal bleeding occurred in Scott’s brain. According to reports, doctors informed his wife that they would not be able to save him.

Company Initially Denied Allegations, Later Accepted

Last year, Scott filed a complaint against AstraZeneca. In May 2023, in response to Scott’s allegations, the company had initially claimed that their vaccine couldn’t cause TTS. However, this year, the company retracted its stance submitted in court documents in February. Following the submission of these documents, Scott’s lawyer has filed a claim in court stating that the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine has defects and misrepresented its effectiveness.

As of now, the company does not have information on what is causing this disease in the vaccine. After the submission of these documents, Scott’s lawyer has claimed in court that there are flaws in the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine and misrepresented information about its effectiveness.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Not Recommended in Britain

A noteworthy development is that the AstraZeneca vaccine is not being used in Britain currently. Additionally, it has also been banned in Australia. According to reports from The Telegraph, scientists had realized the potential risks associated with this vaccine shortly after its launch in the market.

Subsequently, a suggestion was made to administer doses of other vaccines even to individuals below the age of 40. This was because the harm caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine outweighed the risks posed by COVID itself.

As per the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), there have been 81 cases in Britain where concerns have been raised about deaths possibly linked to the vaccine. MHRA reports that one in every five individuals who suffered from adverse effects has succumbed to the complications caused by blood clots.

According to data obtained from the Freedom of Information, the government had compensated 163 individuals in Britain in February. Among them, 158 had received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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