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Food Poisoning Outbreak in Vadodara: Over 20 Affected, Hospitalized with Severe Symptoms

Food Poisoning Incident in Suryanagar Jhupadpatti, Vadodara

During the election period near Maikrupa School in the newly developed Suryanagar Jhupadpatti area of Vadodara city, more than 20 laborers experienced the effects of food poisoning after consuming contaminated food. Following the consumption of the food, some time after the meal, over 20 laborers began experiencing symptoms such as vomiting and abdominal pain. They were promptly taken to the Sayaji Hospital for treatment through the 108 emergency service. During work hours, some individuals on the street have been providing preliminary details about the incident of food consumption.

The matter of food poisoning was discussed with the district administration at the Sayaji Hospital. One person out of the 20 affected individuals has been admitted for treatment, while the remaining 19 are under observation for recovery.

Food Poisoning Incident in Vadodara

Approximately 20 or more individuals experienced food poisoning symptoms after consuming food from a roadside hotel. According to Geetaben, a laborer, after consuming food from a roadside hotel near Nizampura and Fatehganj areas, people, including children, started experiencing adverse effects. Prakashbhai Bhuriya mentioned that individuals who were on their way to work consumed food offered by someone on the street, resulting in vomiting for many. Temporary shelters were set up at two or three locations, including Mahesana Nagar and Abhilasha Baju, to provide immediate assistance. It is unclear who distributed the food, but it was revealed that those distributing the food were election campaigners. All the affected individuals are daily wage laborers and engage in odd jobs.

Situation at Sayaji Hospital

More than 10 workers, including some children, have been admitted to Sayaji Hospital, where they are experiencing symptoms such as vomiting and abdominal pain. Currently, all necessary care is being provided at Sayaji Hospital. Although doctors have indicated that everyone’s condition is stable, an investigation is underway to determine who distributed the contaminated food.

Here is the list of individuals affected by food poisoning:

  1. Babulubhai Allubhai Sangadiya (Age: 18)
  2. Anandbhai Vinubhai Mali (Age: 10)
  3. Vikas Prakashbhai Bhuriya (Age: 13)
  4. Monika Natubhai Damor (Age: 20)
  5. Ajay Rajiya Gargi (Age: 16)
  6. Dalaben Prakashbhai Bhuriya (Age: 34)
  7. Meera Prakashbhai Bhuriya (Age: 18)
  8. Dilipbhai Bhuriya
  9. Anjali Bhuriya
  10. Nishaben Mavi
  11. Anishabhen Damor
  12. Asmitaben Paraghi
  13. Ajaybhai Dodiya
  14. Payalben Bhuriya
  15. Prinsiben Bhuriya
  16. Roshniben Dodiya
  17. Sangitaben Dodiya
  18. Hetal Damor
  19. Saniben Bhuriya
  20. Akkum Paraghi

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