Prevent Health Issues Caused by Stress: Tips to Avoid Headaches, Fatigue, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol

Living a changing lifestyle and increasing urbanization makes it difficult to avoid stress, but adopting healthy habits can significantly reduce stress. Dr. Manjusha Agarwal, a senior consultant at Global Hospital, Mumbai, explains how to manage stress and its effects on the body and mind.

Stress-related Diseases

Stress affects every part of the body. Recognizing stress symptoms can help start ways to avoid it. The busier life is, the more stress it brings. To prevent stress from affecting your body and mind, attention to lifestyle is essential. Do not ignore any changes or abnormalities in your body or behavior. It is essential to identify stress indicators.

Persistent Headaches

If you constantly experience headaches, first check if you are not under any stress. If your headaches are due to stress, try to reduce stress first, and the headache will automatically go away.

Migraines Due to Stress

Stress is also the main cause of migraines. If you are stressed for a long time, you may suffer from migraines. In such situations, physical exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and getting enough sleep can be very beneficial for you. By changing your lifestyle, you can get relief from migraines.

High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle and stress are the causes of high blood pressure. By controlling both, you can avoid stress. Whenever you are stressed, check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If your blood pressure is high, understand that it is due to stress. Try to reduce stress first in such situations.

High Sugar Levels

Stress affects sugar levels. If you are under too much stress and remain stressed constantly, you can develop diabetes. In such situations, controlling stress can help regulate sugar levels.

Slow Digestion

Stress also affects digestion. If you are troubled by constipation, gas, acidity, check your stress level. Slow digestion can also be a cause of stress.

Mental Health Problems Due to Stress

Stress affects not only the body but also the mind. Its effect can be seen in behavior as well.


Constant worrying, brain fog, fear, irritability, inability to relax, etc., are symptoms of anxiety. This is a serious condition that affects both the body and mind.


Depression often starts with mood swings and worsens as problems increase. If you do not find happiness in anything, often feel sad, and start isolating yourself, then this could be a sign of depression. In such situations, immediate intervention is necessary so that you can overcome this condition.


Insomnia is the most significant sign of stress. Lack of sleep can cause many health problems. If you are having trouble sleeping, first check if you are stressed or not. You can avoid insomnia by controlling stress.

Lack of Concentration

If you do not feel like doing anything, and if you have difficulty concentrating, then this could be a sign of stress. In such situations, yoga and meditation can be very beneficial for you. Increasing focus by changing your lifestyle is possible.

Mood Swings

Laughing one moment, crying the next, anger, irritability, etc., are all signs of mood swings. It happens when a person is stressed. If your behavior keeps changing, first pay attention to your stress level. You can avoid mood swings by controlling stress.

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