Reduced Heart Attack Risk by 19%: Quit E-Cigarettes, Control Triggers for Relief

Smoking is harmful to health. The smoke from cigarettes can cause serious diseases such as lung cancer and heart attacks. Therefore, people suffering from this addiction are now using e-cigarettes as an alternative to cigarettes. It is also known as vaping. Its trend is rapidly increasing among the youth. They argue that e-cigarettes do not harm health.

However, is vaping really not harmful? What does science say about it?

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged all countries to regulate the use of e-cigarettes like other tobacco products and demanded bans on them. E-cigarettes are banned in 34 countries worldwide, including Brazil, Iran, and Thailand.

In recent years, many scientific studies have warned about the risks of e-cigarettes. A recent study by the American College of Cardiology found that vaping could increase the risk of heart attacks by 19%. Concerns about its increasing craze and usage among youth have been expressed by the WHO.

Today, we will discuss the harm caused by vaping. You will also learn:

  • What chemicals are in e-cigarettes?
  • Why is the risk of heart disease increasing?
  • How to get rid of this addiction?
  • 23% of people in India use e-cigarettes

According to a survey conducted by Preventive Medicine, about 23% of people in India use e-cigarettes. Among them, 8% are addicted, meaning they use it daily. This situation arises when there is a ban on the production, import, and sale of e-cigarettes in India. These products are reaching people through the gray market.

Even though e-cigarettes are banned in many countries, the global adult tobacco survey shows that only 0.02% of the world’s population uses e-cigarettes. How does an e-cigarette work?

An e-cigarette can be described as a device filled with a flowing liquid containing nicotine, glycerin, and flavor. It has a battery that heats this liquid, turning it into vapor and inhaling it. It comes out as flavored smoke.

Nicotine and tar are present in paper roll cigarettes. This tar accumulates in the lungs, which can cause cancer. Initially, people believed that vaping was safer than smoking cigarettes. People hoped that vaping would make quitting smoking easier, but it turned out to be the opposite. Many surveys show that this issue is attracting students towards smoking.

According to a survey by the American government, a large number of school children are using new flavored e-cigarettes. Instead of helping them quit, it encourages them.

The risk of heart attacks is increasing due to e-cigarettes

Dr. Sharma says that nicotine released from e-cigarette smoke constricts blood vessels and puts pressure on the heart muscles. This raises blood pressure and makes it difficult to pump blood to the heart. There are also other reasons that can cause heart attacks.

Impact of Vaping

Dr. Avadhesh Sharma suggests that e-cigarettes could be a substitute for nicotine cigarettes to help quit addiction. However, the dense smoke with nicotine emitted from vaping could invite serious diseases.

He states that most e-cigarettes are produced and sold discreetly. Therefore, there is a strong concern that most companies do not adhere to any standards in their production. In such a situation, the levels of many dangerous chemicals can be dangerously high, leading to serious respiratory diseases.

Many combinations and substances, like nickel and chromium, can also cause cancer.

The liquid in vapes contains diacetyl, a chemical that enhances its flavor. It can trigger lung issues, narrow airways, and cause popcorn lung.

You Can Quit E-Cigarettes

People addicted to e-cigarettes can quit them. Every addiction has a trigger point. By controlling them, they can easily quit.

Understand and Control Emotional Triggers

Many emotional triggers lie behind substance addictions. It’s essential to control all of them. It’s possible that one might create a situation where they can’t control their impulses. In such times, opting for a walk, drinking water, or diverting attention towards favorite music can help control impulses.

Recognize and Manage Emotional Triggers

Most addictions to substances have several emotional triggers. All of them need to be controlled. It’s possible that one might create a situation where they can’t control their impulses. At such times, opting for a walk, drinking water, or diverting attention towards favorite music can help control impulses.

Delay Gratification

Postpone indulgence in smoking when life’s stress is at its peak. Overworking increases stress, especially during days when one tries to quit vaping or smoking. Meditation increases awareness and can stimulate a desire to relax.

Solitude Can Also Be Stimulating

Isolation can also lead to smoking. Combat isolation. Cultivate closeness with friends and family. Engage in activities like yoga, music, or hobbies if experiencing solitude. Talk to friends. Journaling helps to document feelings.

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