RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre Organizes TB Patient Camp in Gujarat on PM Modi’s 73rd Birthday

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In a noteworthy step towards eradicating tuberculosis (TB) from the state of Gujarat, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Chairman of RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre, spearheaded the Maha Arogya Shivir TB Mukt Gujarat event. This event, coinciding with Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modis 73rd birthday (September 17, 2023), was organized to combat TB and align with the Prime Ministers vision to make India TB-free by 2025.

Dr. Dharmendra kumar at Surat camp

The initiative, held at Art and Commerce College in Vyara, Gujarat, aimed to diagnose and support TB patients. A total of 4800 special TB patients were tested, and 970 patients received essential ration kits, ensuring both diagnosis and support for those affected by TB. The event was executed and organized by RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre, with invaluable support from the SBI Foundation.

Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, the dedicated President of RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre, emphasized the mission to make Gujarat a tuberculosis-free state, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modis vision. He stated, “Our mission aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modis vision to eradicate tuberculosis by 2025. We are committed to taking significant steps towards achieving this goal.

This program by RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre is designed not only to diagnose cases but also to offer guidance on preventive measures. The medical team is devoted to conducting extensive TB testing and providing essential care to significantly reduce the prevalence of TB in the region.

In addition to testing, the RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre emphasizes community education and counselling. By raising awareness and educating individuals about TB symptoms, they empower people to identify signs early and seek prompt medical attention. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar encourages people to take necessary measures to tackle the disease, urging, “If you notice any symptoms of TB or suspect you may have the disease, I urge you to undergo medical tests.”

The initiative by RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre stands as a ray of hope in the fight against tuberculosis, emphasizing the vital role of public health and awareness in creating a disease-free society. With concerted efforts and a collective determination, it would be interesting to see India get free from the disease in the coming years.

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