Bata & Adidas Collaboration: Elevating Sneaker Craftsmanship – 6% Surge

Leading Indian footwear manufacturer, Bata, is actively devising a strategic partnership plan with sportswear producer Adidas to cater to the Indian market. As per CNBC-TV18’s report on Thursday (August 17), discussions between both companies are in the final stages, with negotiations progressing to their ultimate culmination

After this news, Bata’s shares have surged by more than 6%.

Following this development, the company’s shares have seen a rise of over 6% today. Currently, Bata’s shares are trading at INR 1,747, up by 6.08%. In the last four months, the company’s shares have witnessed an increase of over 20%.

Blueprint Prepared for Future Profitable Growth: Bata India’s MD and CEO

Gunjan Shah, MD and CEO of Bata India Limited, stated, ‘Our expansion in the retail network of casualization and premiumization, along with inhibiting progression in core technology (ERP, merchandising, among others), inspires us. We believe we have charted a roadmap for generating profitable growth in the future.

Gunjan Shah mentioned, ‘In Bata India, we have always prioritized enhancing customer experiences at our stores and website. We have introduced innovations like the Bata Shoe Care Program, Buy Now Pay Later, and Bata Wallet to offer new categories of advancements for our customers.

Bata has over 2,100 retail stores across India. Bata India has positioned itself as the largest footwear retailer in the country. With more than 2,100 stores in 700 cities, the company’s retail network extends across the nation. These stores aren’t limited to prime locations alone, but also cater to diverse consumer segments in micro-metros and towns, offering a range of price points.

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