Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 Controversy: Indonesia Out from Competition

The organizers of Miss Universe 2023 have dropped Indonesia from the competition. This decision has been taken after the sex scandal in the past. Indeed, an event was organized in Jakarta to represent Indonesia in the Miss Universe pageant. The six girls who took part in it accused the organizers of asking them to go topless in front of 20 people in a separate room.

Indonesia’s Special Investigation Team is investigating the matter. Apart from this, Miss Universe organizers have also canceled all the events to be held in Malaysia.

Organizers Said – This is Against Our Principles

An American organization organizes the Miss Universe beauty contest. The organization grants franchises to local companies in the countries participating in the event. The franchise in Indonesia was awarded to PT Kapela Swastik Work Company. Its director is media tycoon Poppy Capella. Miss Universe organizers have banned this company and its director by taking back the franchise.

The Girls Were Topless

The Miss Universe Indonesia pageant was held in Jakarta from July 29 to August 3. The six girls who took part in it alleged that they were taken to a separate room and asked to go topless in front of 20 people. They were photographed and videotaped.

Body Check Was an Excuse

According to Indonesian media, six girls participating in the Miss Universe Indonesia beauty contest have alleged that the organizers used the body check as an excuse. She was told that she would have to undergo a beauty check topless. For this he was taken to a separate room. 20 people were present here. Most of these were men. Five girls together were asked to go topless.

According to reports, all the five girls had to go topless and the organizers later took their photographs. A woman present in that room has also confirmed this. Now these photographs have come into the hands of some media houses and they have also been released after blurring the faces.

Muslim Organizations Are Protesting the Beauty Pageant

Considering the seriousness of the matter, the Jakarta Police is investigating it quickly. Its spokesperson Trunoyodo Bishnu Endiko said – It is true that the girls who participated in the event have lodged a written complaint. The case is being investigated.

Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Many religious organizations here are opposing the beauty pageant. According to a report, last year the country’s celebrity media tycoon and transgender rights advocate Jackpong organized the Miss Universe Indonesia contest. About two million dollars were spent for this.


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