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Beware Ahmedabad Food Lovers: Many Restaurants’ Food Samples Fail in AMC Test

Ahmedabad is synonymous with its vibrant food culture, where indulging in various delicacies often prompts a rush to explore the city’s culinary offerings. However, for those passionate about food, understanding Ahmedabad’s food regulations becomes crucial. 

Knowing where to find safe and delicious food amidst the bustling food landscape is essential. The Food Department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation conducted tests on food samples from several restaurants in March and April, revealing that some establishments fell short of standards. 

If you’re a food enthusiast in Ahmedabad, it’s imperative to stay informed about which eateries uphold quality and hygiene standards and which ones may fall short.

AMC Health Department’s Findings: Substandard Food Samples in March and April

The Health Department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has released reports on various food samples collected from the city in March and April. The reports highlight that out of the sampled foods, including paneer, snacks, and Punjabi dishes, nine samples failed to meet the required standards.

This revelation underscores the importance of stringent quality control measures to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers in Ahmedabad’s bustling food scene.

Food Samples Found Substandard: Identified Restaurants

The following food samples from various restaurants in Ahmedabad were found to be below standard:

  1. Vijay Flour Factory, Dariapur: Fryums
  2. Rasraj Thal, Sola: Butter
  3. Food Inn Restaurant, Lal Darwaja: Paneer
  4. Prime Sagar Hotel, Kalupur: Paneer
  5. Food Inn Restaurant, Lal Darwaja: Malai
  6. Deep Restaurant, Saraspur: Veg Manchurian Dry
  7. Liliwadi Taste Of Kathyawadi, Nikol: Paneer Cheese Butter Masala
  8. The Potesta Restaurant, Nikol: Tomato Sauce
  9. Shree Ram Traders, Viratnagar: Fryums

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Food Inspection Report for March and April

The Food Health Department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has released a comprehensive report detailing its activities over the past four months. Between January and April 12, a total of 861 food samples were collected from across the city for inspection. 

Out of these, 22 samples were deemed substandard, while results for 197 samples are still pending. Various food items including milk products, paneer, snacks, and oils have been identified as not meeting the required standards. Throughout this period, 569 notices have been issued, resulting in fines totaling over 15 lakhs for violations.

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