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Air India Passenger Finds Blade in In-Flight Meal: Airline Apologizes for Shocking Incident

Incident on Air India Flight: Blade Found in Passenger’s Meal

A passenger traveling on an international Air India flight reported finding a blade in their meal. The incident was shared on social media platform X by the passenger himself.

Air India’s Response

Following the post, Air India issued a statement on Sunday, June 16, acknowledging the presence of a blade in the passenger’s meal and issuing an apology.

Details of the Incident

The passenger, Mathures Paul, was traveling from Bengaluru to San Francisco on an Air India flight. On June 10, Paul posted two photos on X showing the blade found in his meal.

Paul wrote in his post: “Air India food can cut like a knife. Found a metal piece in the roasted sweet potatoes and fig chat, which looked like a blade. It took a few seconds of chewing to realize this. Fortunately, I wasn’t harmed.”

He emphasized that the fault lies entirely with Air India’s catering services, questioning the potential harm if a metal piece was served in a child’s meal. The first photo showed the metal piece he spat out, and the second photo displayed the meal he was served.

Air India’s Apology and Response to Passenger Complaint

Following the passenger’s post, on June 16, Air India’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, Rajesh Dogra, issued an apology, stating, “Dear Mr. Paul, we are deeply sorry to learn about this incident. This does not reflect the service standards we aim to provide to our passengers.”

Request for Further Details

Rajesh Dogra requested Paul to message his booking details and seat number to ensure that the matter is reviewed and resolved promptly.

Measures to Prevent Future Incidents

Air India confirmed the presence of a foreign object in the meal of a passenger on one of their flights. Upon investigation, it was found that the object originated from a vegetable processing machine used by their catering partner.

Steps Taken for Prevention

The airline stated that they have collaborated with their catering partners to strengthen measures to prevent such incidents. This includes frequent inspections of the processing machines, especially after cutting hard vegetables.

Users Share Their Experiences and Concerns

Following the incident with the metal piece found in the meal, several users shared their experiences and concerns on social media.

Reactions to the Incident

One user commented, “This is an ultra-modern dining experience.” Another user described it as a “horror story,” adding, “If you weren’t so cautious, it could have turned into a medical emergency. Thank God you’re okay.”

Serious Security Concerns

Another user highlighted the security risks, writing, “This is a very serious safety hazard. How did a blade get into passengers’ meals and make its way through the catering supply? How did it pass through tampering checks, which are the primary responsibility of the aircraft operator?”

Other Users Share Similar Experiences

One user recounted a recent experience on an Air India flight, stating, “On an international flight, my child’s meal had salad with mold. This indicates a problem with food storage.”


The incident with the metal piece in the meal has prompted a strong reaction from users, with many expressing concerns about safety and food quality on Air India flights. The airline has apologized and taken steps to prevent such occurrences in the future, but passengers remain wary and have shared similar troubling experiences.

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