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Central Government Mandates Warning on E-commerce Food Packets: 25+ Grams of Sugar Hazardous

Now, products like Bournvita won’t be sold on e-commerce sites under the name of health drinks. Following an investigation by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, it’s been revealed that there’s no specific definition for ‘health drinks’ under the Food Safety and Standards Act.

Labeling Crucial for Food Safety

This decision is crucial but needs proper implementation. There should be clear distinctions between unhealthy (detrimental to health) and healthy (beneficial for health) descriptions in the country. Uniformity should be applied to both food items and beverages. Pending is the enforcement of regulations to print warnings on Front of Pack Labels (FoPL) for over two years by the government. FoPL is the most critical warning. With this, consumers can obtain accurate information about the product. According to WHO standards, consuming more than 25 grams of sugar in a day is hazardous. – Dr. Arun Gupta, Coordinator, Healthy Food Awareness Campaign for 10 years. Regular contributor to various newspapers and magazines. A member of PM Council on India-Nutrition Challenge. A pediatrician as well.

Sodium Levels in Food Products

The amount of sodium in food products shouldn’t exceed the calorie count.

Considerations When Purchasing Food Products

Consumers should pay special attention that the product doesn’t contain excessive sodium compared to its total calories. Also, scrutinize the value of sugar, color, and preservatives in ultra-processed products.

Regulations for Beverage Consumption

Clear rules need to be established for beverage consumption. The most crucial aspects in any beverage are sugar, sweetness, and fat content. I believe advertisements for beverages should clearly state the amount of sugar, sweetness, and fat they contain.

Warnings on Food Packaging in Developed Countries

In developed countries, warnings on food packets come in advance of the product’s nutritional and non-nutritional details. Consumers are aware of what they are consuming and what harm can come from eating certain food items.

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