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Palm Oil Awareness Program at Forum Mall, Kolkata an Initiative by Malaysian Palm Oil Council

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The palm oil industry has long stood as a cornerstone of global trade, owing to its substantial economic impact and affordability. In an effort to educate consumers about the genuine benefits of palm oil, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) recently conducted a consumer awareness initiative at Forum Courtyard Mall, in Kolkata, India.

Consumer awareness initiative at Forum Courtyard Mall in Kolkata, India by Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Misconceptions surrounding palm oil have clouded its numerous nutritional benefits, leaving consumers unaware of the role it can play in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Prof. Pubali Dhar, a respected figure from University of Calcutta, emphasized that palm oil, like all other oils, is a healthy component of a balanced diet. Additionally, palm oil and its fraction, palm olein share similar digestibility characteristics with other commonly consumed edible oils and fats, used for cooking.

Palm oil and its fractions (palm olein and stearin) have been recognized as edible oil/fats suitable for human consumption, cited by Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards.’

The international community of experts has overwhelmingly confirmed the safety of palm oil and dispelled the unfounded fears associated with its consumption. Over 165 nutritional studies on palm oil have been conducted worldwide to comprehensively understand its impact on blood lipids and lipoproteins.

Mr. Angshu Mallick, CEO of Adani Wilmar Limited, stated, “Accurate information about palm oil is not only essential but also enlightening, helping consumers make informed and healthy choices while dispelling unfounded fears.”

Palm oil has long been an essential ingredient in various global cuisines, including Indian cuisine, due to its versatility, stability, and neutral flavour profile. It is also a vital component in many food products, such as baked goods, margarine, and snack foods, where its unique properties contribute to the desirable texture and taste.

Dr. Ketan Mehta, a well renowned Cardiologist and Vice President of the Indian Medical Association, Mumbai West added, “Palm oil is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin E and vitamin A, making it a valuable dietary source for these essential nutrients. Moreover, it is trans-fat-free and contains no artificial additives or preservatives, making it a wholesome choice for health-conscious consumers.”

Dr. Sanjit Kanjilal, Senior Principal Scientist – Department of Oils, Lipid Science and Technology, CSIR-IICT, stated, “Consumers need to be aware that palm oil is a nutritious and safe option for cooking and as a dietary component. It provides several essential vitamins and antioxidants while being free from trans fats and artificial additives.”

MPOCs consumer awareness initiative in Kolkata aimed to bridge the gap between misinformation and accurate knowledge regarding palm oil. The initiative provided consumers with valuable information about the nutritional benefits of palm oil, its safety for human consumption, and its significant contributions to the food industry.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council emphasized that, “We are committed to fostering a better understanding of palm oil among consumers. Our goal is to dispel misconceptions and provide accurate information about palm oils role in a healthy and balanced diet.”

The event at Forum Courtyard Mall in Kolkata witnessed enthusiastic participation from consumers who were eager to learn about palm oils benefits and its place in their daily lives. Interactive sessions, fun quizzes, spot prizes, and expert talks were organized to engage and educate the attendees.

MPOC continues its mission to educate consumers and promote the benefits of palm oil across the globe. The organization is committed to transparency and welcomes inquiries from consumers and the media to address any concerns or questions related to palm oil production and consumption.

About the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) is an agency dedicated to positioning Malaysia as the global leader in certified sustainable palm oil. Through dedicated efforts, MPOC prioritises the promotion of Malaysian palm oil as a healthy, sustainable, and ethical choice for consumers worldwide, achieved by actively engaging with stakeholders and improving market access and acceptance of the MSPO certification.

The Council has a network of regional offices in China (Shanghai), India (Mumbai), the Middle East (Jeddah and Istanbul), Europe (Brussels and Russia) and Africa (Cairo and Johannesburg). Through its head office in Kuala Lumpur and the regional offices, MPOC plays a vital role in facilitating the Malaysian palm oil industry’s trade expansion by constantly identifying and capitalising on the latest market trends and opportunities.

The plantation industry, particularly palm oil, is one of the main pillars of the Malaysian economy. The palm oil sector has significantly contributed to providing a continuous inflow of export earnings by exporting raw commodity and value-added products to the global market. In 2022, palm oil contributed 27.56 billion USD in export earnings for Malaysia and accounted for 23.4% of the world’s palm oil production and 31.1% of total palm oil exports.

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