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After Caught of Beef Samosas, Vadodara eateries undergo Food Department scrutiny: 9 samples sent for lab testing

From a residence in the Panigate area of Vadodara, a team from the municipality and the Special Operations Group (SOG) has successfully seized 326 kilograms of meat, including beef and samosas. Today, the food department team along with the police initiated checks on vendors selling kebabs and samosas in various parts of the city. During the inspection, samples of samosas, kebabs, and nine other items were sent to the laboratory for testing.

Citywide Inspections Conducted

Following the apprehension of beef samosas in Vadodara city, police and food department teams are actively running to different areas. Restaurants, street vendors, and food stalls selling kebab samosas were inspected by the municipality and the police on roads including those near the courthouse, Mandvi, Panigate, Ayurvedic Tri-Roads, and Harankhana. Various samples were collected during the checks. It’s noted that no such inspections were conducted previously to curb such practices.

Sampling of Samosas and Kebabs

Jignesh Gohil, a food inspector from the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, stated that beef was found in Huseni’s samosas. Following the Municipal Commissioner’s directive, checks have begun for vendors selling kebab samosas. The food department and SOG teams have checked the famous samosa corner near the courthouse and collected samples for laboratory testing, including those of samosa fillings and kebabs.

Beef Samosas Seized

Significantly, in a residence in the Panigate area of Vadodara, the New Huseni Samosas Center in Zone-4 LCB was raided by a team on April 6th, resulting in the seizure of a stockpile of samosas with beef filling. The police apprehended a total of 6 individuals involved in this operation. Due to the temptation of earning more profit by making samosas with beef, the police investigation revealed such practices.

Seven Accused of Selling Beef Samosas

It was found that in Chhipwad, beef is being sold. Based on this, the Zone-4 LCB team seized a total of 326 kilograms of meat, including 113 kilograms of beef, 152 kilograms of samosa filling, and 61 kilograms of raw samosas, along with a total of 49,000 rupees in cash, containers, bowls, and a crusher machine. Consequently, the police apprehended six accused and obtained a remand for one day, leading to the identification of another accused. The police have also initiated further investigation into Imran alias Dahudi Yusuf Kureshi, a meat supplier.

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