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Controversy Erupts as Repellent Emerges from Dosa at Gaylord Restaurant, Vadodara

At the Vadodara railway station, there was an uproar at the well-known Geylord Restaurant behind the station when a customer found a worm in the dosa and expressed anger. It was reported that when such an incident occurred two days ago, the hotel manager was informed, but no action was taken. Today, another worm was found in the breakfast. The hotel owner stated that this brother is speaking falsely. Now, awakened citizens are demanding an inspection of the restaurant, prompting the Food Department to intervene. Following this incident, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s Food Department has sprung into action, issuing notices under Schedule-4 and initiating further action after collecting samples from all.

A customer named Kartik Shah reported that Geylord Restaurant located behind the Vadodara railway station in the vicinity has served him breakfast today. At that time, we had ordered dosas for breakfast. From which a worm has emerged. We had a very bad experience here. It is not acceptable for such worms to come out in the food. Action should be taken against the hotel owner regarding this matter.

Check into branded hotels.

It has been further revealed that even two days ago, such incidents occurred with food where worms were found, and the hotel manager was informed. However, no action was taken, and today again worms were found in the food. The Food Department has issued a red alert across the city of Vadodara, so why are these branded hotels being overlooked? Our demand is that inspections should be conducted even in well-known hotels.

Problem in Kheera: Restaurant Owner

The owner of Geylord Restaurant, Imran Bhai, has stated that we maintain cleanliness in the hotel, there is no problem in the hotel. Whatever this brother is saying is false. No one lives in fear for a single day. We prepare kheer, and the problem is only in the kheera. I will investigate with the vendors there. I will get it checked there.

Health Hazards Concerning People

Incidents of insects and worms found in meals at renowned hotels and restaurants in Vadodara city have occurred in the past as well. Once again, such incidents have come to light. As a result, people are concerned about health hazards. They are demanding strict action from the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s Food Department to prevent such occurrences.

Sending Notice of Schedule-4

The Food Department of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation rushed to the Geylord Restaurant after reports of worms found in dosas. Samples of dosa batter, sugar, and gram were taken from the restaurant. Medical certificates and water reports are to be obtained, and since they were not available, a notice of Schedule-4 has been issued, initiating further action in this matter.

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