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Vegetarian Burger Served as Non-Vegetarian: Incident at Moka Cafe, Ahmedabad Sparks Concern

Four young women went to have breakfast at a café in Gulbai Tekra Road, located in the Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad, India, but had a bitter experience due to a mistake by the restaurant. They ordered vegetarian burgers, but the restaurant mistakenly served non-vegetarian burgers. When two of the women took a bite of the burger, they realized it was non-vegetarian. Upon informing the restaurant manager about the incident, they faced a lot of resistance initially but eventually, the manager accepted their complaint and acknowledged that they had been served non-vegetarian burgers instead of vegetarian ones. In response to their complaint, they were offered vegetarian burgers instead. Subsequently, they filed a complaint with the Food Department of the Municipal Corporation, resulting in a fine of Rs. 5,000 imposed on the restaurant.

Vitasta Vyas, a young woman living in the city, went to Gulbai Tekra Road café in the Navrangpura area along with her friends Arjav Shah, Ruchita Shah, and Vela Pandya to have breakfast. She ordered a vegetable patty burger. However, when the burger was served, she realized after taking a bite that it was not a vegetable patty burger but a non-vegetarian one.

Non-veg burger was served to us

Vitasta Vyas mentioned in an interview with Divya Bhaskar that when we ordered burgers, a non-vegetarian burger was served to us. My two friends took a bite of it and thought it was chicken. When we informed the restaurant manager about this, he initially refused to accept it.

Non-veg burger disguised as veg

The restaurant initially claimed that the burger was vegetarian. However, when they ordered another veg burger, it turned out to be different. This raised suspicions, leading them to inquire further. Upon investigation, they discovered that the burger served to them, which they had ordered as veg, was actually a non-veg one. Despite their request for a veg burger, they were not provided with one. After much insistence, they finally accepted that they had served them a non-veg burger instead of a veg one.

Non-veg consumed due to restaurant’s mistake

Currently, the Chaitri Navratri festival is ongoing, and being from a Brahmin community, they do not eat non-vegetarian food. Despite this, non-veg food was served to them due to a mistake by the restaurant. In this matter, a complaint was lodged with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Food Department. Following an investigation by the Food Department’s team the next day, a fine of Rs. 5,000 has been imposed. Due to this mistake made by the restaurant, the individuals were forced to consume non-veg burgers.

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