DigiYatra Launched: Ahmedabad Airport Rolls Out Self-Baggage Drop System for Quick Check-In at All 7 E-Gates!

Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is actively striving to provide passengers with increased convenience and efficiency. Introducing several new facilities, the airport has embraced new technologies to ensure smoother travel experiences for passengers. The journey towards digitalization commenced approximately three to four months ago, with the initiation of e-gates in the domestic terminal for check-in purposes, totaling seven e-gates initially. Initially, only three e-gates offered the facility of digital check-in. 

However, now all seven e-gates have been equipped with digitalization capabilities. This means that passengers can swiftly complete the check-in process and reach their departure gates within just 15 minutes. Previously, passengers had to allocate around two hours for this process. With this advancement, travelers can save more than an hour, thanks to the self-baggage drop system which further expedites the process of checking in luggage.

What is DigiYatra?

DigiYatra is a mobile application-based service designed to facilitate contactless and seamless processing of travelers at airports, relying on Facial Recognition Technology (FRT). Through this technology, passengers can undergo various airport procedures without physical contact, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Using DigiYatra on Your Travel Day

  • Arrive at the airport gate on your travel day.
  • Scan your face at the DigiYatra facial board passing.
  • After facial scanning, e-gate verification will take place.
  • Self-boarding will be applicable at all boarding gates of the airport.
  • Before boarding the aircraft, passengers will need to display their boarding passes according to the airline’s standard procedures.
Scan your face at DigiYatra's face board passing

Steps to Follow for Using DigiYatra:

  1. Download the DigiYatra app from the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Register in the DigiYatra app using your identification document (Aadhar card), a selfie, and OTP verification.
  3. Click on the ‘Wallet’ icon later to update necessary identifications and health certificates.
  4. Use DigiLocker to easily access your identification documents.
  5. Tap on the ‘Your Upcoming Travel’ icon to upload your travel itinerary.
Digiyatra facility available at all 7 e-gates of the airport

Growing Adoption of DigiYatra Among Travelers

Among all travelers, 14% of individuals have opted to use DigiYatra. Presently, the usage of DigiYatra among travelers is steadily increasing day by day. Consequently, DigiYatra has been initiated at all e-gates of domestic terminals. The Government of India has initiated the implementation of DigiYatra at airports across the country, especially in the busiest airports such as Ahmedabad. 

Consequently, travelers at Ahmedabad Airport, one of Gujarat’s busiest airports, have been utilizing DigiYatra. This indicates a growing trend among travelers, with an average of 14% of them preferring to use DigiYatra for their airport processes.

Passengers are checking in faster with Digiatra app.

Modern Amenities for Boarding Pass Retrieval

Travelers utilizing DigiYatra can check-in swiftly and save time by utilizing the self-baggage drop system. This system facilitates expedited check-in processes, even for passengers who are not using DigiYatra. However, DigiYatra users can save time not only during check-in but also throughout the process. With the use of the self-baggage drop system, travelers can quickly check their belongings, even without opting for DigiYatra. 

Previously, obtaining a boarding pass and completing the check-in process used to take approximately two hours. Now, with the integration of modern technology and amenities, travelers can complete the entire process, including obtaining a boarding pass, in just 15 to 20 minutes. These advancements in airport services are designed to be accessible and beneficial for all travelers.

Assurances on Data Security with DigiYatra

After downloading the DigiYatra app, travelers are required to register valid identification documents approved by the government. This raised concerns among many travelers regarding the potential misuse of their private information for illegal activities. To address these concerns, the government has announced that all data of travelers collected for DigiYatra check-ins will be cleared from the airport system within 24 hours. 

This assurance significantly reduces the fear of data misuse. Moreover, it’s important to note that airports systems do not retain travelers’ data. DigiYatra utilizes facial recognition as the traveler’s ID, requiring explicit consent for the use of biometrics for facial recognition. Therefore, obtaining traveler consent for biometric authentication remains essential for DigiYatra check-ins, ensuring data security and privacy.

Only 14 percent of the total passengers use the Digiatra app

DigiYatra: Facilitating Seamless Travel Across 12 Domestic Airports in India

The initiation of DigiYatra marked a significant advancement in the realm of air travel across India’s domestic airports. The inception of this modern practice commenced at three domestic airports, starting with the bustling domestic airport of the nation’s capital, Delhi. Following its successful implementation in Delhi, DigiYatra was introduced at airports in Bangalore and Varanasi as well. 

The success of this initiative at these three airports paved the way for its expansion to other airports across the country. Presently, DigiYatra services are available at 12 domestic airports in India. These include Delhi, Bangalore, Varanasi, Kolkata, Pune, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Guwahati airports. Travelers can now enjoy hassle-free journeys on local flights departing from these airports, as DigiYatra facilitates seamless check-ins and enhances overall travel experience.

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