Radio Icon Ameen Sayani, Renowned for Binaca Geetmala, Passes Away at 91, Silencing the Echoes of Radio

Once again, a wave of mourning sweeps through the world of entertainment as the iconic voice of radio, Ameen Sayani, bids farewell. Sayani, renowned as the magician of the airwaves, breathed his last at the age of 91. The news of Ameen Sayani’s demise has been confirmed by his son, Rizil Sayani.

The passing of Ameen Sayani has deeply shaken his son Rizil Sayani. In a conversation with India Today, he provided details about his father’s demise, revealing that Ameen Sayani had suffered a heart attack and was subsequently rushed to the HN Reliance Hospital for immediate medical attention.


Ameen Sayani: The King of Radio

Known as the ‘Radio King’, Ameen Sayani took his final breath at the age of 91, leaving an indelible mark as the maestro of the world of radio. Those acquainted with the world of radio know who Ameen Sayani was. He earned a prominent name in the realm of radio, his voice resonating deeply within the hearts of people. 

Even today, radio listeners cannot forget the iconic announcer of “Binaca Geetmala”, whose enthusiastic and melodious voice greeted them as “sisters and brothers” in a very endearing manner. Today, he bid farewell to the world, leaving people saddened by the news of his demise. Ameen Sayani’s departure has left a void in the hearts of many, echoing the loss of a true legend in the world of entertainment.

Last Rites to be Held Soon

The final rites of Ameen Sayani are scheduled to take place tomorrow, on the 22nd of February. Many of his acquaintances and well-wishers are expected to arrive in Mumbai today to pay their last respects and have a final glimpse of him. Further details regarding the last viewing of Ameen Sayani will be announced shortly.


Ameen Sayani’s Passing: February 20th Marks the End

The evening of February 20th witnessed the passing of Ameen Sayani, reigniting a wave of mourning among his admirers. His son, Rajil Sayani, confirmed his father’s demise. Rajil disclosed that on Tuesday (February 20th), his father suffered a heart attack at their home in Mumbai, following which he was immediately rushed to the nearby H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital. Despite the doctors’ relentless efforts to save him, he was declared dead shortly after a brief period of treatment.

Long-standing Health Struggles

Ameen Sayani had been grappling with health-related issues for an extended period. For the last 12 years, he had been experiencing persistent back pain, which often rendered him immobilized and necessitated the use of a walker for mobility.

Record Holder: Ameen Sayani

Ameen Sayani holds the record for producing/voicing over 54,000 radio programs. His name is also recorded in the Limca Book of Records for providing voices for nearly 19,000 jingles.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Rejection

Amitabh Bachchan had auditioned for a role at the Big B Mumbai radio studio 40-45 years ago. Despite being appointed by Big B without a formal meeting with Sayani, Ameen Sayani declined the opportunity to meet him. Consequently, without hearing his voice, Sayani rejected Bachchan’s audition.

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