Atal Sarovar Grand Opening At Rajkot Draws Crowds: Kids at ₹10, Adults ₹20 Entry, Spectacular Laser Show!

Recently, the virtual presence of the Chief Minister witnessed the inauguration of Atal Sarovar and New Racecourse in Rajkot, with a whopping expenditure of Rs. 136 crores. Due to some pending work, it was decided to open it for the public from Gujarat Foundation Day onwards. As a result, from May 1, 2024, Atal Sarovar and New Racecourse have been opened to the public. During this event, Rajkotians had the opportunity to witness these new attractions firsthand, although all facilities might not be fully available yet. Moreover, considering the expenses, families of four individuals have to spend Rs. 500 for visiting here. Meanwhile, the district collector had sanctioned Rs. 40 for ferris wheels. Additionally, a discount of Rs. 80 has been provided by the municipal corporation. Truly, this place has become a center of attraction beyond expectations.

Youth Enjoys the Atmosphere of Pride

As the team from Divya Bhaskar entered Atal Sarovar, they encountered a long queue of vehicles even before reaching the ticket counter. Later, the line extended to over 1000 people waiting for their turn. Inside, a large number of people, including senior citizens, were seen enjoying the beauty of human-made marvels. Many engaged in conversations, exchanging views about this place. Not only Rajkotians but also people from Mumbai, Vadodara, and other cities praised the breathtaking beauty of Atal Sarovar. Furthermore, as the fountain show started, people cheered joyfully, witnessing fountain dances on patriotic songs and garba tunes.


Entry Fee for Adults Rs. 25, Children Rs. 10 for 12 Years and Above

Rajkot Municipal Corporation has initiated the construction of Atal Sarovar as part of Smart City expansion. Although some amenities are yet to be fully prepared, the corporation has opened Atal Sarovar for the public, with an entry fee of Rs. 25 for adults and Rs. 10 for children above 12 years old. However, as of now, the date for starting boating in Atal Sarovar remains uncertain. Additionally, the municipal corporation has fixed the entry fees for ferris wheels, toy train, and boating at Rs. 80. Despite opposition from a significant portion of the public, the corporation has doubled the fees from the previous year, approved by the collector.

Toys Train and Rides Closed for Children

Crucial attractions like toy trains and ferris wheels (rides) are yet to commence for children. Similarly, the date for starting boating in Atal Sarovar remains undecided. Currently, the municipal corporation has set a fixed fee of Rs. 80 for rides, toy trains, and boating. Usually, during the festival of Navratri, rides operators face significant opposition from the public. Last year, the collector had approved a fee of Rs. 40. However, the municipal corporation has directly doubled the rates, demanding Rs. 80.


Families Will Incur Rs. 500 for Outing

The municipal corporation has announced the entry fee, but the current situation is such that individuals visiting Atal Sarovar will have to pay Rs. 25 for adults and Rs. 10 for children above 12 years old. Apart from free entry to gardens, individuals will have to pay Rs. 80 for ferris wheels, toy trains, laser fountain shows, and boating. This means a family of four will have to spend Rs. 400-500 for an outing. However, these rates are subject to change after considering public feedback and amendments in the bylaws.


According to the state government regulations, boating can commence only after obtaining the Structural Fitness Certificate for ferries (ferry wheel rides). The responsibility to provide such Structural Fitness Certificates lies with the State Government’s PWD (Public Works Department). As of now, Structural Fitness Certificates for ferries operating in Atal Sarovar haven’t been issued yet. Similarly, guidelines issued by the state government for boating need to be followed diligently. The certification is also not yet available. Furthermore, crucial amenities like toilets and trained staff for ferrying children around Atal Sarovar haven’t been provided as per the guidelines issued by the government.

Possibility of Food Zone Initiation

Various works are underway to ensure the full completion of amenities for boating at Atal Sarovar. However, after the Vadodara incident, the government is considering the announcement of new guidelines. Once these new guidelines are in place, the boating facilities will be initiated accordingly. Post the opening of the Smart City, a fee will be charged for 42 shops based on public response. Additionally, traders can purchase these shops for selling food items as per the rules and regulations. The initiation of Food Zone is also possible post the completion of June month. Moreover, City Bus facility will be provided in every area of the city reachable via Atal Sarovar and Smart City.

Evening 7 O’clock Fountain Show Attraction Center

The Laser Fountain Show at Atal Sarovar is the most significant attraction here. This show is so spectacular that it has become the center of attraction among people. The fountain show starts at 7 o’clock in the evening. Currently, two shows are being organized. One show lasts for 1 hour. Additionally, individuals entering here can enjoy various services free of cost, similar to other private amusement parks. People have to pay a predetermined fee for enjoying attractions like the Laser Fountain Show and other rides. New rides from other cities will also be included here post June.

Party Plots Available for Rent in Event Occasions

Party plots near Atal Sarovar have also been established for various events including weddings, available for rent. Many party plots are already available in the vicinity of Atal Sarovar, organizing various events including weddings. However, due to the newness and beauty of the newly established party plots in Atal Sarovar, they are becoming more popular. Each event at the party plot will cost around Rs. 1 lakh. This has led to people preferring event celebrations at these party plots instead of others. Additionally, there is an amphitheater at Atal Sarovar with a fee of Rs. 25,000 per event. However, currently, only ferry wheel rides and fountain show have been started. Other facilities may take about two months to become operational. Moreover, food court shops will also be set up here. The food court will start operating shortly after the rent is finalized.

Parking Charges for Two-Wheelers Rs. 10 and Four-Wheelers Rs. 20

Before entering Atal Sarovar, parking charges of Rs. 10 for two-wheelers and Rs. 20 for four-wheelers must be paid. Additionally, an entry fee of Rs. 25 for individuals above 12 years old and Rs. 10 for children will be charged. Apart from this, a fee of Rs. 80 per person will be charged for enjoying Toy Train, Boat Rides, and Laser Light and Sound Fountain Show. However, currently only the Fountain Show and Boat Rides have commenced. Other facilities are estimated to start within approximately two months. Moreover, shops for a food court are also being set up here. Once operational, the food court will start functioning shortly after its inauguration.

Company Can Increase Prices by 5% Every 5 Years

Kube Construction Company has been entrusted with the management of Atal Sarovar for 15 years by the government. The company will collect revenues from the park and will increase charges gradually. Over the first five years, the company will collect Rs. 51 lakhs annually, Rs. 70 lakhs for the next five years, and Rs. 80 lakhs annually for the subsequent five years. The company is expected to generate revenue through rides, parking, and events. Furthermore, every five years, the company can increase prices by 5%. Moreover, after three years, a discount of Rs. 20 for children and Rs. 40 for adults will be provided for enjoying rides. Additionally, schools and anganwadis managed by the government will be given free entry and three free rides for children.

Necessary to Reduce Prices of Rides

According to Divyabhaskar’s ground report, for organizing Laser Fountain Shows, apart from vehicle parking and entry fees, each family will have to incur an additional cost of Rs. 400-500 for a minimum of four people. Currently, the rides, including the Fountain Show, cost Rs. 80, which is quite high. With the commencement of other rides, the cost is expected to increase further. Moreover, people will also have to spend more to enjoy snacks once the food court starts operating. The people of Rajkot are always eager for entertainment. The company earns more profit by charging fees from Manpa than from rides and games. Therefore, it is necessary to reconsider the prices of rides to attract more visitors.

Laser Show Highly Preferred by People: Bindiya Shah

Bindiya Shah of Kube Construction, in conversation with Divyabhaskar, mentioned that there is great enthusiasm among people eagerly awaiting the opening of Atal Sarovar. People are curious about what Atal Sarovar will offer and what new attractions will be there. Many people are anxiously waiting to see what changes have been made in their city. Some licenses are yet to be procured, so some games and a few rides cannot start immediately. Laser shows are organized twice a day, at 8 PM and 10 PM, which are highly appreciated by the locals. In the future, many new facilities will be made available at this place, eliminating the need for Rajkot residents to travel abroad for leisure. Bindiya Shah also appealed to people not to litter the place while enjoying snacks and drinks.

Enhanced Beauty of Lake and Garden

Nishiben, who hails from Vadodara, expressed that the more she saw in photos and videos, the more impressed she became. The large lake and well-maintained gardens are remarkable. It seems as if a piece of the outdoors from another country has been brought to Rajkot. The lighting and everything else are superb. A beautiful artificial lake has been created, and it is a sight to behold. Lighting around the lake is also remarkable.

Nighttime Charm at Nishaben

Nishaben, coming from Mumbai, stated that they have only increased prices by 25% so far. The atmosphere at night is particularly enchanting with its splendid lighting and other attractions. It’s truly worth the visit. The ticket price of Rs. 25 is reasonable considering the grandeur of the place. A nominal charge of Rs. 25 is applied for maintaining such a large area. This is easily affordable for the general public. Despite waiting in line for about 45 minutes to get tickets, it’s all worth it.

A Unique Place Emerging in Rajkot

Kantibhai Chauhan mentioned that the demand for the artificial lake has been high for a long time. The racecourse in Rajkot was underutilized. The BJP government has wisely invested in this development. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with a large number of people flocking in. This unique place will expand over an area of 50-50 kilometers in due time. The ticket price of Rs. 25 is quite reasonable according to the current times. Despite long lines initially, more openings are expected in the coming days. It’s essential to ensure facilities like water and sanitation for senior citizens like us. Such arrangements are expected to be made soon.

Opposition to Fees for Lake

Corporate members of the Congress expressed their concerns to Divyabhaskar regarding the construction of the artificial lake using public funds. While entertainment should come at a cost, charging entry fees for Atal Sarovar is not justifiable. People should be able to enjoy themselves without such financial burdens. Charging Rs. 25 and Rs. 10 for entry and rides in Atal Sarovar respectively is not acceptable. Imposing exorbitant charges for other facilities feels like exploitation. Allegations have been made that this is an attempt to defraud the public. There’s still much work to be done at Atal Sarovar, and the government should focus on fulfilling its promises rather than sending messages to the public.

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