IAF Conducts Midnight Airlift Rescue, Saves Soldier’s Life in Critical Operation

When operating a machine in Ladakh’s forward unit, an Indian Army soldier suffered an injury to his hand. Subsequently, the Indian Air Force (IAF) airlifted the soldier to Delhi within just 4 hours via an IAF C-130 J flight.

The injured soldier was initially taken to the Leh airbase. He was then airlifted to the Palam Air Force Station by a Super Hercules plane. The IAF team transported the injured soldier to Delhi’s R&R Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

This incident occurred on April 10th.

Accompanying the soldier, this accident happened on Wednesday, April 10th, at Ladakh’s forward post. IAF shared this news on their social media account X along with photos from the operation theater. After the soldier’s hand was treated in Ladakh, he received primary care.

The Air Force also mentioned that they wore NVG glasses to provide medical assistance to the soldier at night. NVG stands for Night Vision Goggles. These glasses aid vision in darkness due to their ability to amplify minimal light. They’re also known as night optical devices or observation devices.

The IAF had also conducted a rescue operation in April 2023.

The Indian Air Force had rescued many people in Sudan through a rescue operation in April 2023. The C-130 J was used in this rescue operation. During this operation, the pilot and team wore night vision goggles due to darkness.

A former soldier’s liver transplant was airlifted by the doctors’ team: The Air Force mobilized the Dornier aircraft at short notice; the team reached Pune from Delhi for liver extraction

The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Friday (February 23) at short notice mobilized its Dornier aircraft for a former soldier’s liver transplant. Doctors from the New Delhi Army Hospital had arrived in Pune for the liver of an incoming soldier. From here, the doctors’ team was airlifted back to Delhi with the liver, saving the former soldier’s life.

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