Trekking near Mumbai- All you Need to Know


Mumbai, the city of dreams also known for its fast-paced lifestyle full of vibrant cityscapes, might not be your first choice when it comes to trekking places but hold your horses. This city never lacks or disappoints its visitors in any aspect, nor does trekking. Just a few miles away from Mumbai you will be showered with picturesque and adventurous trekking destinations that will let your mind find solace and take you away, escaping far from the urban chaos.

In this article we will have a virtual tour of the trekking where you can embark on your journey, that resides in the shadows of Mumbai, we will also provide you with the details, and everything you need to know while trekking near Mumbai.

Popular Trekking Destinations-

1) Karnala Fort Trek-

For Trekkers who love both Natural beauty and Historic significance, then this trail is for them. Situated in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary with trails covered with lush greenery, dense forests, rocky terrain, and steep slopes will enhance your trek as you embark on this adventurous wonder. At the top, you will be rewarded with the highlight of the trek “The Karnala Fort” which will leave you mesmerized by its architectural marvel, stunning views of the surroundings, and spot a variety of bird species.

It is just 47 km (about 29.2 mi) from Mumbai| Trekking Distance- 6km | Trekking Time- 3 hours | Difficulty Level- Easy

 2) Rajmachi Trek-

 Located amidst the heart of the Sahyadri Mountain range, Maharashtra. Rajmachi Trek is a popular trekking destination admired by trekkers, situated near the town of Lonavala. This trek offers you an unforgettable experience uncovering breathtaking nature, rich history, and panoramic views. It is also known for its scenic beauty, the ancient Rajmachi Fort, and serene, lush green landscapes.

310 km (about 192.63 mi) from Mumbai | Trek Distance- 13 km| Trek Time- 5 hrs. | Difficulty Level- Easy.

3) Matheran Trek- 

Matheran is a quaint hill station offering the perfect escape from the chaos of the city.  This trekking trail takes you amidst the dense forests, beautiful pathways, and stunning viewpoints. While trekking you can also accompany some of the distance riding a horse to visit sites such as Louisa Point and Panorama Point. This trail offers a thrilling experience to its trekkers.

80 km (about 49.71 mi) from Mumbai| Trek Distance- 8 km| Trek Time- 5 hrs| Difficulty Level- Easy.

4) Kalsubai Peak Trek- 

It is one of the most challenging trekking trails for trekkers seeking an adrenaline pump. Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak in Maharashtra, and it is a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts. It offers you rugged terrain, dense forests, and steep patches as you embark on your way to the top of the world. At the summit, you can see breathtaking views of the Sahyadri mountain range.

150 km (about 93.21 mi) from Mumbai| Trek Distance- 6.6 km| Trek Time- 6.5 hrs| Difficulty Level- Moderate.

5) Harishchandragad Trek- 

Located in the Ahmednagar district, Harishchandragad is a hill fort offering rugged terrains and ancient caves. This trek also provides a thrilling experience for its trekkers with trails sustaining panoramic views, rocky patches, and steep ascents throughout the journey. Sunset views are magical from this trek on top of the Konkan Kada cliff.

201 km (about 124.9 mi) from Mumbai| Trek Distance- 6 km| Trek Time- 6 hrs | Difficulty Level- Moderate.

6) Peb Fort Trek-

 Peb Fort, also known as Vikatgad is located near Neral which offers a thrilling trekking experience to its trekkers. The trail sustains steep ascents, dense forests, and rocky patches to keep the adventure on. At the summit, you will be rewarded with the ancient fort ruins and stunning views of the Matheran Range.

77 km (about 47.85 mi) from Mumbai| Trek Distance- 7 km| Trek Time- 5 hrs.| Difficulty Level- Easy to Moderate.

7) Lohagad Fort Trek- 

Lohagad Fort is a popular trekking destination situated near Lonavala with historic significance and scenic beauty. It offers a trail full of lush green forests, rocky terrain, and old stone steps which keep the pace of thrill constant. At the summit of this trek, you will be rewarded with the fort’s majestic ramparts and panoramic views of surrounding hills and valleys.

99 km (about 61.52 mi) from Mumbai| Trek Distance- 5 km| Trek Time- 4 hrs| Difficulty Level- Easy.

Things you should know while trekking near Mumbai-

  • Permits and Permissions- Some treks near Mumbai may demand permission from the local authorities or the forest department before commencing the trek. It is always advised to check the requirements of the trek and carry necessary documents in case an emergency occurs.
  • Safety Tips- Trekking while adhering to the guidelines and following the rules and regulations is strictly advised. Safety must be given priority and so it cannot be compromised. Trek with an experienced guide to have a hassle-free trekking experience.
  • Trekking Equipment- 
  • Carry a lightweight and sturdy backpack to fit all your essential items.
  • Wear good quality trekking shoes with strong grips.
  • Comfortable and moisture-wicking clothes are mandatory to wear.
  • Always have a flashlight or headlamp for night treks or low-light treks.
  • Sleeping bags can help you spend your night.

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