New Daily Flight: Rajkot to Udaipur for Nathdwara Travelers

Great News for Travelers from Rajkot-Saurashtra: IndiGo Airlines to Launch Regular Flights between Rajkot and Udaipur for Nathdwara Pilgrimage and Sightseeing. The Flight Schedule has been Announced, and Ticket Bookings are Open. This Initiative Offers Significant Relief to Passengers Given the Poor Road Connectivity on this Route. Businessmen, Tourists, and Devotees Visiting Nathdwara are Eagerly Embracing this Decision for a Joyful Experience.

Starting at 8:40 AM from Rajkot, a regular IndiGo Airlines flight between Rajkot and Udaipur will commence from August 21. The flight will depart Rajkot at 8:40 AM and reach Udaipur at 9:55 AM, while the return journey will take off from Udaipur at 10:15 AM and arrive in Rajkot at 11:30 AM. The fare for the Rajkot-Udaipur route has been set at INR 2800. This flight service will offer convenient travel options for those visiting Nathdwara on auspicious occasions like Poonam and Raja.

The initiation of daily flights will significantly enhance convenience. It is noteworthy that the current road connectivity from Rajkot to Udaipur is inconvenient and plagued by persistent concerns of road safety. Furthermore, this daily flight service will not only benefit business travelers but also individuals seeking commerce and trade opportunities in Rajasthan. The flight service will prove advantageous for those commuting between Rajkot-Saurashtra and the picturesque city of Udaipur. Moreover, the flight is poised to become an essential option for travelers during the upcoming tourist season from September to March, catering to both domestic and international tourists, as sources have revealed, extending its coverage to Surat as well.

In light of the upcoming daily flight service between Rajkot and Udaipur, a notable improvement in convenience is anticipated. The current challenging road conditions between these cities have raised concerns about safety and travel efficiency. This new flight service not only holds promise for trade and business travelers but also offers a viable solution for individuals seeking to explore business opportunities in Rajasthan. Additionally, it presents a practical travel option for those journeying between Rajkot-Saurashtra and the charming city of Udaipur. Notably, this flight service is expected to cater to the tourist influx from September to March, benefiting both domestic and international travelers, and potentially extending its reach to Surat as well.

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