Resilient Cyclist Conquers 1300km to Kedarnath in 8 Days Amidst Landslides

A cycling youth living in Himmatnagar Kankarol of Sabarkantha district was blessed to see Baba Kedarnath by cycling 1300 kilometers in 8 days in the holy month of Shravan. So, even if there was a landslide on the road while cycling, he did not lose courage and put the bicycle on his shoulders, crossed the road and started cycling again and reached Kedarnath and felt blessed to see Mahadev.

Jai Panchal Started Cycling From 2019

The details of this are that Jai Panchal, who lives in Ashapura Society near Gayatri Temple in Himmatnagar’s Kankarol, started cycling from 2019. Then Nana participated in different events of 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 km. So in 2021 Himmatnagar-Ladakh cycled 1900 km.

Completed the Wish to Go to Kedarnath by Cycling

the holy month of Shravan which started in August 2023, to fulfill the wish to go cycling to see Baba Kedarnath sitting in the mountains, Jai Panchal cycled a distance of 1300 km in 8 days without losing courage in the midst of landslides in monsoon. And after reaching the temple, I was blessed to see Baba Kedarnath Mahadev sitting in the midst of mountains on heaven on earth.

Covered a Distance of 200 Meters Running With a Bicycle on His Shoulder

Regarding this, Jai Panchal said that he had left Himmatnagar cycling to Kedarnath in monsoon. First used to cover 200 km per day. At 10 o’clock in the night, he used to stay at friends’ place or locals there and leave for Kedarnath at 4 o’clock in the morning, but he had to cover 100 km a day since the hilly area started. So when it was 150 km away from Kedarnath, there was a sudden landslide in the evening 10 km further near Devprayag. 300 cars were in line for it. In the meantime the police had closed the road and between the night or morning opening situation spoke to the police and requested me to go ahead. Then I ran 200 meters with the bicycle on my shoulder and left on another road through the mountains. Later started cycling again. On 9th August 2023 in the evening it left Himmatnagar and reached Shamlaji and on 10th August 2023 it left Shamlaji at 4 am. August 17 at 5 pm

It was further said that there was benefit in the darshan and aarti of Kedarnath Baba sitting between the mountains. On 18 August 2023, after boarding a bus from Kedarna in the morning, there was a landslide in the evening near Devprayag, 150 km away and it was raining. Had to stay in the bus for 24 hours and reached Himmatnagar at 3 o’clock in the night of August 22. Thus, in the midst of landslides in 8 days, he did 1300 km cycle riding without losing courage and visited Baba Kedarnath in the holy month of Shravan. Thus Jai Panchal reached Kedarnath by cycling from Himmatnagar in 8 days and came home in 5 days by bus.

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