Historic Triumph: Statue of Unity Welcomes 50 Lakh Tourists in 2023, Surpassing 20 Crore Visitors in 5 Years

The Statue of Unity, standing as the world’s tallest statue in Kevadia, has witnessed an unprecedented surge in tourist footfall, marking a historic milestone. A remarkable 20 million individuals, both domestic and international, have visited the iconic monument since its inauguration. This achievement is highlighted by an extraordinary annual visitation figure of over 5 million tourists, setting a new record.

As the year concludes, the Statue of Unity anticipates a continued influx of visitors, with thousands expected to converge on the site on December 31. This sustained interest is a testament to the enduring allure and significance of the monument.

In a noteworthy development, the past week alone has seen a staggering 400,000 tourists flock to the Statue of Unity, establishing a record-breaking pace for weekly visitation. This surge in numbers underscores the monument’s growing popularity and its emergence as a global tourist attraction.

Statue of Unity Achieves Historic Milestone: CEO Udit Agarwal Highlights Record 50 Million Tourists in 2023

In a significant revelation, Ekta Nagar CEO Udit Agarwal has provided detailed insights into the remarkable achievement of the Statue of Unity (SOU), announcing that the monument has attracted an unprecedented number of tourists, surpassing the 50 million mark for the first time in its five-year history. This record-breaking surge in visitor numbers attests to the enduring appeal of the iconic monument in 2023.

As of December 29, 2023, the Statue of Unity has welcomed a staggering 50,29,147 tourists, marking a historic moment in the monument’s journey. With two more days left in the year, the prospect of a continued influx further solidifies this year’s record-breaking achievement.

CEO Udit Agarwal underscored the magnitude of this milestone, emphasizing that the annual figure of 50 million tourists represents an unprecedented high for the Statue of Unity. This notable increase in footfall is a testament to the monument’s sustained popularity and its status as a premier tourist destination.

Statue of Unity Enhances Visitor Experience with New Attractions and Sustainable Initiatives

In an effort to continually elevate the visitor experience at the Statue of Unity (SOU), CEO Udit Agarwal has announced the introduction of new attractions and improved amenities, reinforcing the monument’s status as a dynamic and evolving destination. Agarwal highlighted that families and friends visiting the Statue of Unity can now enjoy a range of new features designed to enhance their overall experience.

Among the notable additions are passenger facilities that include efficient transportation options. The Green Hari initiative, dedicated to environmental sustainability, has witnessed continuous expansion and the introduction of innovative elements. These developments aim to cater to the diverse needs of tourists arriving from around the globe.

Agarwal emphasized the significance of transportation for travelers, acknowledging the pivotal role it plays in the overall experience of visiting the Statue of Unity. In response to this consideration, the Prime Minister has directed the transformation of the Statue of Unity into a dream destination with a focus on becoming an Electric Vehicle (EV) zone.

To implement this vision, the Prime Minister inaugurated 30 electric buses, aligning with the commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This strategic move not only contributes to environmental conservation but also addresses the crucial aspect of convenient and eco-conscious transportation for visitors exploring the monument.

Statue of Unity Welcomes Over 1.75 Crore Tourists in Five Years: Year-wise Breakdown

The Statue of Unity (SOU), a symbol of national pride and unity, has established itself as a premier tourist destination with a cumulative total of 1,75,26,688 visitors over the course of five years. The following is a breakdown of the annual visitor statistics from 2018 to 2023:

  1. 2018: 4,53,020 tourists
  2. 2019: 27,45,474 tourists
  3. 2020: 12,81,582 tourists
  4. 2021: 34,32,034 tourists
  5. 2022: 45,84,789 tourists
  6. 2023 (till December 29): 50,29,147 tourists*

Factors Driving the Surge in Tourist Numbers at the Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity has witnessed a remarkable surge in tourist numbers, with over 4 lakh visitors registered since December 23, 2023. Several key factors contribute to this substantial increase in tourist footfall. One notable factor is the diverse array of tourist attractions available, catering to travelers of all age groups. Additionally, there has been a significant improvement in transport facilities, including the provision of 98 bus services during holidays, making the monument more accessible to a wider audience. 

The introduction of enhanced traditional tribal home stay facilities for overnight stays adds a unique cultural dimension to the visitor experience. The meticulously maintained campus, characterized by its cleanliness, further enhances the overall appeal. Furthermore, the commitment to economic and social development is evident through the preference given to locals in employment opportunities, fostering a sense of community engagement. Collectively, these factors contribute to the Statue of Unity’s growing popularity as a must-visit destination, offering a holistic and enriching experience for visitors.

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