Vadnagar: India’s First Inspirational Destination Village, 60% Complete

  • A school with a 135-year-old architectural style will house the museum, where visitors can explore 2,700 years of history through a curated circuit of 10 tourist spots.
  • An immersive 3D show within the art gallery will vividly depict the rich history of Vadnagar.
  • Along the pathway, visitors can find food stalls offering various culinary delights.
  • Vadnagar is set to be designated as a green zone, promoting environmental sustainability.

“Birthplace of Prime Minister Becomes a Famous Tourist Destination”

Vadnagar, which is 2700 years old, is being prepared to become the country’s first inspirational destination village. Located 110 kilometers from Ahmedabad, it houses a population of 27,000 and aims to transform Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthplace, Vadnagar, into a renowned tourist destination.

“Prime Minister’s Birthplace, Now a Renowned Tourist Destination”

Currently, 60% to 70% of the work has been completed, and all work will be finished before the Lok Sabha elections. Travelers can get off at the railway station and visit various tourist attractions such as Ambaji Kot, Latif Lake, Kirti Toran, Theme Park, Sharmishtha Lake, Art Gallery, Buddhist Monastery, Underground Museum, Prerna School, Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple, and more. Various food stalls and a meditation center have also been established along the pathways. Read the entire report. Tourist spots of the Inspirational Destination Village will be open to visitors from 5 to 6 in the morning.

“A School 135 Years Old”

This school was established in the year 1888, and it was here that Narendra Modi received his early education. This school, which used to cater to eight small classes, has now been rebuilt in Navsari. Its appearance has been preserved similar to the old school. Wooden desks have been made at the Table-Khurshi place. This school, created at a cost of 40 crores, has now become a place of inspiration. Portraits of Bose, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Swami Vivekananda, etc., have been placed on the school’s walls.

“Knowledge Corner Hostel”

“Knowledge Corner” is the name of the hostel that is under construction. 50% to 60% of the work has been completed. Around 1500 children from all over the country will learn the glorious history here. Children will receive both digital and physical education.

“Sharmishtha Lake”

Sharmishtha Lake is being developed along the riverfront in Ahmedabad. The lake is surrounded by a 3.5-kilometer walkway, and a hill has been constructed in the middle. In addition, the larger lakes around Vadnagar have been merged to give the lake a new shape. In Vadnagar, there used to be 360 lakes at one time.

“Dhyana Kendra – Theme Park”

Located on the banks of the lake, there is a theme park based on knowledge, meditation, and classical music. An exclusive school for yoga has been established here. Meditation and yoga can be practiced on the lake’s shore. The station will be directly connected to the lake. On the lake’s other side, there is a watchtower, and an art gallery has been created here.

“Experience Museum”

The construction of Asia’s second-largest live experience museum is 55% complete and will be ready by January 24. This 21-meter-high museum is spread over 13,525 square meters on 326 pillars. It can accommodate 400 people simultaneously. The museum is based on themes, which means you can experience 2700 years of history during the evening light show. It will also have interactive exhibits. Vadnagar’s ancient 360 stepwells, 360 temples, and more than 1000 banyan trees can also be experienced here. The remains of excavation, idols, Buddhist stupas, artistic bangles, silver-copper-bronze coins, clay figurines, and more have been preserved here.

  • Tanariri Garden: A picturesque garden.
  • 13th Century Hatkeshwar Mandir: This ancient temple houses a self-manifested Shiva Linga dating back to the 13th century.
  • Railway Station: The same railway station where Narendra Modi used to sell tea during his childhood.

“Roads to be Widened, New Parking Zone and Cafeteria”

Work on the Inspirational Destination Village will now begin in earnest, with significant construction taking place in the vicinity of Prerna School. The narrow road will be widened and converted into a one-way street. Demolition will also take place for this purpose. Houses in the area have already been compensated two to three times their value for this.

Travel Itinerary for Visitors:

  • Begin your journey from the Railway Station.
  • Walk towards Sharmishtha Talav (Lake). Meetings will take place at Sharmishtha Talav, a tranquil waterbody near the station.
  • Visit the Knowledge Center and explore the Theme Park along the way.
  • Your accommodation for this trip will be at Gnyankunj Hostel, which has been prepared with Vadnagar’s inspirational elements.
  • Next, you’ll find a 135-year-old school, known as the “Prerana Sthala,” which translates to “Inspiration Place.”
  • Directly from here, visit the Museum, where you’ll experience 2,700 years of history coming to life.
  • After the Museum, explore Tanariri Garden and pay a visit to Hatkeshwar Temple.
  • Don’t miss the Kirti Toran, along with the grand entrance to the temple, as you conclude your journey.

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