Tragedy in Yemen: Boat Sinks with 260 Passengers, 49 Dead and 140 Missing

On Tuesday (June 11), a boat carrying refugees capsized off the coast of Aden in Yemen, resulting in the deaths of 49 people and more than 140 others going missing, according to news agency AP. The boat, which was carrying 260 passengers, mostly Ethiopians and Somalis, was en route from East Africa to Yemen.

These refugees were traveling from East Africa to Yemen, a journey of approximately 600 kilometers. They set sail at around 3 AM local time from Somalia, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The IOM conducted a rescue operation, saving 71 people, with 8 individuals reported to be in critical condition.

IOM officials fear that the death toll may rise. Currently, rescue efforts are ongoing amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.

IOM has retrieved the bodies of 31 women and 6 children. They express concern that the death toll could increase further. Rescue operations are ongoing amidst the backdrop of the conflict.

According to IOM officials, there were 115 Somali and 145 Ethiopian nationals on the boat. They stated that rescue operations would need to be carried out with limited resources.

According to the United Nations (UN), the boat departed from Bosaso in Somalia on Sunday. It was reported that every year, thousands of African migrants attempt to cross the Red Sea from Yemen through the Eastern route to reach Saudi Arabia.

In April, there were at least 62 reported fatalities within two weeks due to various incidents along this route. UN officials revealed that since 2014, over 1,860 people have lost their lives on this route.

It was further disclosed by officials that by 2023, the number of asylum seekers traveling through this route had exceeded 90,000. As a result, the number of displaced individuals in Yemen has now reached close to 400,000.

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