Apple Cuts Over 600 Jobs Amid Closure of Car and Smartwatch Display Projects

American company Apple Inc. has laid off more than 600 employees from their jobs. After suspending car and smartwatch display projects, the company has initiated layoffs of employees working on those projects. According to Bloomberg reports, Apple has provided information in eight separate filings to the California Employment Development Department.

The report states that the company has laid off individuals working on the Next Generation Screen Development Program, as well as those associated with the company’s car projects. According to California regulations, employers are required to notify the Employment Development Department of every decision that impacts employees.

As a result of project shutdowns, around 2,000 employees have been affected.

According to reports, besides 371 employees at Apple’s main car-related office in Santa Clara, many others have been laid off in various satellite offices. Additionally, many employees have been transferred to the company’s Artificial Intelligence and Personal Robotics divisions. The shutdown of these projects has impacted nearly 2,000 employees.

Apple has been working for 10 years, but could not develop a prototype for the car.

Currently, Apple has shut down its 10-year-old car project. The company had invested billions of dollars in the latest attempt, but it had not been able to develop a physical prototype yet.

Apple was seeking to develop a car that operates on voice commands.

The company was pursuing a car that would be completely autonomous and controlled via voice commands. This project, initiated in 2015, had received substantial funding. If successful, the company planned to launch a car by 2028 with a price tag of up to $1 million.

However, pressure to shut down the project mounted within the CEO team.

Apple had previously scheduled the launch of its first electric vehicle (EV) for 2019, 2020, 2026, and then again for 2028. According to reports, there was internal pressure within the board and CEO team, led by Tim Cook, to either quickly devise a concrete plan for the project or to shut it down altogether.

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