Google CEO Fires 28 Employees, No Room for Office Politics

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has urged their employees to keep politics out of the workplace. This statement came after Google fired 28 employees for violating company policies in a blog post aimed at remaining transparent to the company’s employees.

In it, Pichai instructed employees to focus on their work in the office and refrain from engaging in politics. Under the moniker “Mission First,” Pichai noted that the company’s policies and expectations are clear. There is no place for politics in the office.

Some employees had been opposing a $1.2 billion project, a joint venture with Amazon, reportedly to provide cloud services to the Israeli government and military.

After opposing projects in Google offices in New York, California, and Sunnyvale, the police arrested new people. They streamed their departure from the premises. Google then fired 28 employees.

What Pichai Said in the Note…

In his note to employees, Pichai stated, “Google’s culture has always encouraged open dialogue. It’s what enables us to produce the best products and challenge each other’s ideas. It’s about keeping in mind that we’re here to work for the business and making sure we’re clear on policies and expectations.”

We’re here to work for the business. So, the office isn’t a place where you should be distracted by and feel insecure about your co-workers’ work. Use the company’s personal platform or fight disruptive issues or have political discussions among yourselves.

Google employees must remain rational. Our goal is to organize information worldwide and be a reliable source of information.

Arvind Amble

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