GPAI Summit Inaugurated by Modi: Addressing Dual Nature of AI, Recognizing the Potential for Development and Threat of Terrorism

Artificial Intelligence: A Double-Edged Sword in the 21st Century

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as the most significant tool in the 21st century, offering immense potential. However, it also poses the most significant risk of causing global disruption. The menace of deepfakes looms large in today’s interconnected world. Beyond this, the use of AI tools in the hands of malicious actors represents a substantial threat.

Addressing the ethical use of AI becomes imperative to create a global consensus on safeguarding against its misuse. Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulated these concerns on Tuesday during the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI Summit 2023) held in New Delhi. The summit, scheduled to run from December 14, will convene stakeholders from approximately 28 countries.

PM Modi, in extending invitations to the people of India for the GPAI Summit 2023, underscores the importance of collaborative efforts to harness the potential of AI for the betterment of society while also mitigating the risks associated with its unscrupulous use.

As the world navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, international cooperation and ethical guidelines will play pivotal roles in shaping the future trajectory of artificial intelligence.

Key Points from PM Modi’s Speech on AI and Innovation

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that AI is not merely a new technology but a global movement. Collaboration and working together are essential to harness its potential.
  2. The world needs to understand that AI is not just for personal or national benefit but for the welfare of humanity. Ensuring that no one is left behind in the developmental journey driven by this technology is crucial.
  3. Modi acknowledged India’s prowess in AI and related innovations, highlighting that the country is at the forefront globally. He expressed pleasure in witnessing the curiosity of the youth towards AI.
  4. Recently, an AI chatbot for agriculture was launched, aimed at helping farmers with information on crop conditions, updates on government schemes, and more. The government is actively working on bringing about transformation in various sectors through AI.
  5. India is set to embark on an AI mission, focusing on establishing sufficient computing power in the country. This mission aims to provide better facilities to Indian startups and innovators, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and education.
  6. Under the mission, AI applications will be encouraged in areas like agriculture, healthcare, and education. The government is collaborating with industrial training institutes to impart AI skills in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

Prime Minister Modi’s speech underscored the importance of ethical AI use and global cooperation to maximize the benefits while minimizing potential risks associated with artificial intelligence.

Over 150 Startups Showcase AI Products at Global Summit

At the AI summit held with participation from around 28 countries, over 150 startups presented their AI products and innovations. The event featured more than 30 technology sessions, making it a significant platform for the global AI community.

Last month, the UK hosted the AI Safety Summit, which brought together major countries, including the US, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and India. The participants unanimously agreed on the need for global collaboration to address potential risks associated with AI.

The summit emphasized the importance of facing the challenges posed by AI collectively and fostering a global alliance to ensure the safe development and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies.

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