India’s First German-Tech Water Plant: Ceramic Membrane and Activated Carbon in Surat for 1.6M People

India’s first water plant using German-based technology is set to be constructed in Surat. Upon completion, more than 1.6 million citizens of the city will receive colorless and odor-free pure water. This water treatment plant will be built with ceramic membranes and activated carbon. The plant will reduce the levels of PFAS, TEP, colloidal/dissolved fractions, and THM in the water. For this project, the 50 MLD capacity water treatment plant at Randar Warehouse has been partially shut down. The water supply schedule for the connected areas under Athwa Zone will be adjusted. Residents of Athwa and Randar zones will face difficulties from July to November 15th due to the partial shutdown, which will cause some disruptions in the water supply.

India’s First Project: Krunal Sela

Krunal Sela, Vice President of the Water Committee, stated that Surat Municipal Corporation is utilizing modern German-based technology. India’s water treatment plant will be constructed with ceramic-based membrane technology, including activated carbon. Upon the project’s completion, approximately 1.6 million people will have access to clean drinking water daily. The goal of the ceramic membrane filtration technology is to achieve the strictest and most innovative standards for high-quality drinking water according to US and European Union guidelines. This advanced membrane technology can deliver excellent results even in conditions with a high load of suspended solids in the water. It can purify water from rivers and the sea against any impurities and can also purify water as hot as 99 degrees Celsius. The ceramic membrane does not degrade and maintains consistent quality throughout its lifespan.

Modification of Filter Beds at the Water Treatment Plant

Surat Municipal Corporation is planning to increase the water supply for the people. Consequently, it has decided to initiate operations in the Athwa zone of Randar. Currently, the Randar Water Works has a total operational capacity of 250+50=250 MLD water treatment plants. Of these, the filter beds of the 50 MLD capacity water treatment plant will be modified to create ceramic membrane-based filter beds, increasing the capacity to 160 MLD. For this purpose, the 50 MLD capacity water treatment plant will undergo a partial shutdown from July 1, 2024, to November 15, 2024. As a result, water production at Randar Water Works will be reduced.

Impact of the Shutdown

Due to the shutdown at the Athwa Water Distribution Station, there will be changes in the water supply schedule from 08:30 AM to 12:00 PM for areas including Citylight Road, New Citylight Road (partially), Piplod Village, Umra Gamthal, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, SVNIT Campus, and surrounding societies. During the shutdown period, residents of Randher and Athwa zones, supplied by Randher Waterworks, are requested to use water sparingly. The corporation has advised people to use water judiciously to avoid any potential water scarcity.

160 MLD Capacity Water Treatment Plant: Project Necessity and Utility

Surat Municipal Corporation has initiated India’s first water treatment plant with ceramic membranes and activated carbon. This plant aims to address Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) present in the environment, which can bioaccumulate in human and animal bodies, causing toxic effects. PFAS takes a long time to degrade and the human body is not efficient at breaking it down. PFAS can alter hormone levels, liver, thyroid, and pancreas functions, affect the development of fetuses and young children, and lead to growth, learning, and behavioral problems in children. It can also cause cancer, immune system disorders, and reproductive issues. The membrane-based filtration technology can remove up to 90% of Transparent Exopolymer Particles (TEP) and 88% of the colloidal/dissolved fraction, effectively removing PFAS and Trihalomethanes (THM). After the renovation of the Randher Waterworks, the total operational capacity will be 360 MLD, supplying water to Athwa, Khatodara, Rajeshree Water Distribution Station, Jogani Nagar, Pal Water Distribution Station, and the new booster at Randher Gamthal.

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