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Twitter Updates: Unverified Accounts to Face DM Restrictions

Elon Musk-owned Twitter is also developing a new feature called “Articles.” This feature will allow users to publish lengthy and intricate articles, even books, on the microblogging platform.

Twitter has announced plans to limit Direct Messages (DMs) for unverified accounts as part of its efforts to combat spam on the platform. The company will soon implement changes that set daily limits on the number of DMs unverified accounts can send. To send unlimited DMs, users will need to subscribe to Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service.

The specific daily DM limit for unverified accounts was not specified in the announcement. These changes are set to be implemented starting from Friday.

Last week, Twitter introduced a new message setting aimed at reducing spam in DMs. With the new setting, messages from users you follow will be directed to your primary inbox, while messages from verified users you don’t follow will be sent to your message request inbox.


Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, plans to limit Direct Messages (DMs) for unverified accounts to combat spam. Users can send unlimited DMs with a Twitter Blue subscription. New changes start Friday, and Twitter introduced a message setting to reduce DM spam.

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