Apple Launches iOS 17 with Easy Contact Sharing and Exciting Features

“Apple to Roll Out Stable Version of iOS 17 Today”

Tech company Apple is set to release the stable version of iOS 17 today. Beta users have been using iOS 17 for some time now. The company had announced iOS 17 in the WWDC23 event three months ago.


With the NameDrop feature, iPhone users can easily share contacts between two devices. This feature allows sharing of names, mobile numbers, and email IDs.

Live Voice Mail

In iOS 17, the company has introduced the Live Voice Mail feature. With this feature, users can know details of missed calls without receiving them. To use the Live Voice Mail feature, you’ll need to enable it in your device settings.

Standby Mode

iOS 17 brings a new Standby Mode feature. When the phone is charging in landscape mode, this feature activates. In Standby Mode, information such as time, date, live events, widgets, and Smart Stacks is displayed on the iPhone screen. Reminders are also visible.

Customize Contacts Posters

With this feature, you can customize your contacts by adding their image as a poster. If you don’t want to use a photo, you can also use emojis. When someone calls, their poster will be visible on the device screen.


After updating to iOS 17, you can now use voice commands with Siri by simply saying ‘Siri,’ and there’s no need for ‘Hey Siri.’ Apple hasn’t completely removed support for ‘Hey Siri’ from the voice command feature. If you prefer to use only ‘Hey Siri’ for voice commands, you can customize it in your device settings.

FaceTime Calls

This feature allows users to send recorded video and audio messages. These messages can be viewed and heard on Apple Smart Watch as well.

Interactive Meetings

The Interactive Meetings feature can be accessed on the home screen, lock screen, or standby mode of the device. This feature also allows adding new meetings. This feature also allows adding new meetings. This feature also allows adding new meetings.

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