Install Applications from Third-Party Stores on iPhone: Now Available in 27 European Countries from March

Apple Inc., the tech giant, has announced that users will soon be able to install apps from third-party stores on iPhones. The company has revealed that with the March release of iOS 17.4 update, iPhone users will have the capability to install apps from third-party stores. This feature will initially be available in the 27 countries of the European Union. Apart from this, iPhone users worldwide will also have the option to install apps solely from Apple’s App Store.

Currently, iPhone users are restricted to installing apps exclusively from the official Apple Store. Apple aims to mitigate potential risks associated with this new feature by implementing various security measures. The company assures users of iPhones that applications undergo rigorous testing before being made available. Moreover, Apple is compiling more information about these apps to ensure user safety and security.

Apple has to give people more options in Europe: DMA

Apple to Offer More Options to Users in Europe: DMA

Apple is extending this feature to iPhone users in Europe due to the Digital Markets Act (DMA). According to the DMA, Apple is required to provide more options to users in Europe and mitigate potential risks when using new apps. Alongside, Apple is providing developers with new tools to share their apps in different ways.

What is a Third-Party Application Store?

Any mobile device has an official app store for installing apps. For instance, the Apple App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android users are official app stores. Android users can also install applications through third-party means such as directly sharing links on social media platforms and SMS text messages. Additionally, many apps and websites also permit installation through their mobile app stores.

The new update will be available in March.

New Update to be Available in March

In March 2024, the company will roll out a new update. Developers can already test it live in the iOS 17.4 beta version. Previously, in September 2023, Apple had rolled out the iOS 17.0.3 update to address overheating issues in the iPhone 15 Pro series. Apple took responsibility not only for first-party apps but also for third-party applications like Instagram, Uber, and Asphalt 9 affected by heating issues in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

How Third-Party App Stores Work on iPhone

Following the update to iOS 17.4, users will be granted permission to install applications from alternative marketplaces alongside the official App Store. However, after downloading an application, users will be prompted to view complete information about the app for approval on their devices. Once consent is granted, applications can be installed from third-party stores or other websites.

iPhone users can manage their default third-party app stores through new settings. This feature enables users to designate their preferred store as an alternative to Apple’s App Store. Furthermore, users can manage the listings of marketplace developers and apps, and revoke permissions at any time. Deleting a marketplace app will remove related data from the device, and app updates will cease from that marketplace.

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