Smytten Launches AI-Powered Platform Smytten Pulse to Revolutionise Consumer Analytics & Research for FMCG Brands

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Smytten, India’s largest tech-enabled product discovery and trial platform, has launched Smytten Pulse, a groundbreaking data solutions & consumer research platform. Smytten Pulse leverages AI and machine learning empowered with the extensive data gathered from actual product trials and feedback of over 15 million advanced shoppers. This provides FMCG brands a very robust & predictable consumer analytics, propelling them into a new era of consumer engagement, enabling strategic decisions based on real-time, accurate, and targeted consumer insights.

Smytten Pulse

This Data Solutions Platform is built to redefine how brands perceive and interpret consumer preferences and market dynamics. It offers real-time insights through Customer Sentiment Analysis, Competitor Analysis, User Behaviour Funnels, Consumer Profiling and more. These insights provide the cornerstone upon which brands can construct agile strategies that remain responsive to ever-evolving consumer needs. The brands can keep a check on their NPS score, analyse consumer feedback across demographic cuts, track new trends and more.

Additionally, the platforms Consumer Research tool condenses the painstaking process of market research into a mere 72 hours. Brands can run fully flexible and customizable surveys across Brand Tracks, Usage & Attitude Studies, Product/Concept Testing, Ad Testing and more. This feature harnesses the power of data collected from the vast and diverse consumer profiles on Smytten, consisting of discerning users actively seeking trial and discovery of new products and services. The platforms ability to tap into this demographic ensures that brands receive insights from a consumer base genuinely interested in their offerings, making the research super agile and cost-effective.

Swagat Sarangi, Co-founder of Smytten, emphasises the platforms potential, stating, “Smytten Pulse simplifies the intricate world of consumer insights for brands, providing real-time data, advanced analytics, and the voices of 15 million consumers at your disposal. Its not just about understanding your audience; its also about anticipating their needs. With Smytten Pulse, we aim to empower brands with the most accurate and actionable consumer insights that will help them to create better products, services, and experiences for their customers.

Smytten Pulse is set to transform the way brands approach consumer research and data analytics. Its unparalleled access to a vast pool of high-intent consumers positions it as the one stop data solutions platform for brands seeking to gain a competitive edge in todays data-centric market.

About Smytten

Smytten is Indias largest tech-enabled direct-to-consumer product discovery and trial platform. Launched by ex-Unilever and Google executives Siddhartha Nangia and Swagata Sarangi, Smytten is enhancing the way Indias online consumers discover, interact with, and try consumer products and services. It hosts 1200+ brand partners on its platform across lifestyle categories, including fragrances, beauty & makeup, male grooming, food & beverages, baby & mother care, and health & wellness. Smytten offers product samples to consumers across these categories to help them make the right purchase decisions. It also provides its brand partners with a suite of services, data & insights needed for scaling up customer acquisition, product development & channel expansion with Smytten Pulse.

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