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Meta AI Rolled Out in India: Assists with Tour Planning, Assignments, and Photo Creation

Meta Launches AI Tool in India

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has launched its artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Meta AI, in India. Meta AI is now available in English across the company’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps. Last month, company owner Mark Zuckerberg introduced this tool in 12 countries, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Recently, OpenAI rolled out ChatGPT, Microsoft introduced ‘Copilot,’ and Google launched ‘Gemini.’

Meta AI Capabilities: From Writing Assignments to Creating Photos

With Meta AI, users can ask any question and get answers. Additionally, users can create an image by adding a prompt. Whether planning a trip, preparing for an interview, or writing an assignment, users only need to provide a bit of text input.

AI-Generated Images Will Come With a Watermark

Any image created through text or prompt input will come with a watermark indicating it was generated by AI. Users can then save these photos or share them across other chats or platforms. However, Meta AI has certain limitations, such as not generating images of prominent personalities like Narendra Modi.

Ask Meta AI for More Information About Photos

If you find a photo or post interesting on Facebook, you can ask Meta AI for more details. For example, if you like a photo of Varanasi ghats, you can inquire with Meta AI about its history, when it was taken, where else you should visit, and more.

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