WhatsApp Introduces Quick Document Sharing Feature: Testing New Functionality for User Convenience

WhatsApp is widely popular worldwide as an instant messaging platform with billions of users. To enhance user experience, WhatsApp regularly introduces new features. In recent months, the company has been requesting many features for the platform. Now, information has surfaced that WhatsApp is working on another feature that will make it easy for users to share documents.

WhatsApp Testing New Feature for Document Preview

According to a report by WebTainfo, WhatsApp is testing a new feature for Android. The report suggests that the messaging app is considering including document preview. This means when you share a document, you will see a small preview before opening it. This glimpse will make it easier for you to find relevant documents in your chat because you’ll know what it looks like without opening it. This feature will be particularly useful when sharing photos or videos as it will give you an insight into the content without downloading it.

WhatsApp’s Solution to Unseen Documents

Currently, if you share documents such as photos or videos on WhatsApp, recipients cannot preview them until they download them. With the new upcoming feature in WhatsApp, this issue will be resolved. Additionally, it’s reported that WhatsApp is also working on a feature that will suggest contacts for chatting, even those with whom the user hasn’t conversed for a long time. Previously, this feature was only known to be available for Android users, but the latest report suggests it will also be available for iOS users.

Arvind Amble

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