Brutal Story of Sexual Assault Unveiled in Ajmer ’92 Trailer

“Ajmer 92” is a gripping film that revolves around the distressing tale of a group of teenage girls who became victims of sexual assault. The narrative focuses on the courageous efforts of a journalist as he endeavors to uncover the truth behind these heinous acts.

Starring Karan Verma, the film sheds light on various harsh realities, ranging from horrifying crimes and public protests to the abuse of power. It emphasizes the significance of women standing up for themselves and taking a firm stance against injustice.

Following the release of a teaser, the film’s makers have now unveiled the trailer, which begins with a man inquiring about his prospective daughter-in-law and enlisting another individual’s help to determine whether she has been subjected to rape.

The trailer delves deeper into the journalist’s investigation into the events that transpired in Ajmer in 1992. It uncovers the shocking story of 250 girls who were coerced, blackmailed, and subjected to rape. The involvement of politicians and influential figures, the tragic suicide of one of the girls, and the ensuing protests are also portrayed.

Through its portrayal of heart-wrenching incidents of young girls committing suicide due to sexual assault, the film instills widespread fear and anxiety within society. It sheds light on the abuse of power by influential individuals and the roles played by the police and media in such cases.

Above all, “Ajmer 92” underscores the immense importance of girls breaking their silence and advocating for truth and justice.

Directed by Pushpendra Singh, the film features Karan Verma and Sumit Singh in lead roles. Audiences can anticipate its release in theaters on July 21.


Ajmer 92″ is a powerful film that portrays the harrowing experiences of teenage girls who were sexually assaulted. It follows a brave journalist’s quest for truth amidst corruption and abuse of power. The movie sheds light on the significance of women standing up for themselves and highlights the devastating consequences of silence. Directed by Pushpendra Singh and starring Karan Verma and Sumit Singh, the film releases on July 21.

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