Sahara Refund Portal: Amit Shah’s Initiative to Assist Crores of Depositors

People had deposited all their hard earned money in Sahara India. People are wandering from door to door due to non-receipt of money back even after completion of the investment period, in many states the anger of the investors against Sahara India is continuously rising.

Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah has launched the Sahara Refund Portal today. Through this portal, the trapped investors in Sahara will get their money back. Crores of rupees of lakhs of investors across the country are stuck in Sahara India. With the launch of this portal, investors are hopeful that their invested money will now be returned.

In the program of launch of Sahara Refund Portal, Amit Shah said that the process of returning the people whose money was stuck in Sahara’s co-operative societies for many years has been started.

Amit Shah said in the program of the portal launch that about four crore people will be benefited initially. Investors will get Rs 5,000 crore back in a transparent manner through Sahara Refund Portal, he said about Sahara that the case went on in the court for many years, multi-agency seizure took place, in such a situation Narendra Modi’s government has taken the initiative of refund portal for the interests of the investors.

He said that it is a matter of pride for us when the retired judges of the Supreme Court work understanding the problems of the investors, who have invested, no one can stop them from returning their money, this is a great beginning, with transparency, crores of people to their

Getting back your hard earned money has begun.

On the inauguration of Sahara Refund Portal, Union Home and Cooperative Minister Amit Shah said that all the data of the four cooperative societies is online. This portal will help 1.7 crore depositors to register themselves. The claims of these depositors will be settled and the money will be returned to the bank account of the depositors within 45 days.

How Many Days Will I Get The Money Back?

Through this refund portal, the amount will be returned to those investors whose investment maturity has been completed. The directors will register their names on this portal, after verification the process of refunding their money will start, the documents of the investors will be verified by the committees of Sahara group within 30 days.

After this, within 15 days of filing the online claim, the investors will be informed through SMS. After this the amount of investment will come in the bank account. That is, this process will take at least 45 days, only after that the investors’ money will be returned. The launch of the refund portal has brought great happiness to the 10 crore investors who have invested in Sahara. The investors who have invested money in Sahara, first of all they have to check that in which co-operative their money is invested. Then you will have to collect all your documents related to it.

Supreme Court had ordered

Explain that the Ministry of Cooperatives has filed an application in the Supreme Court to provide relief to the investors who have deposited money with Sahara Group’s Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited, Hamara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited and Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited. Had filed. After this, the Supreme Court had ordered the transfer of Rs 5,000 crore to CRCS.


Amit Shah launches Sahara Refund Portal to help crores of depositors retrieve their hard-earned money invested in Sahara India. The portal aims to transparently return Rs 5,000 crore to 4 crore people who are stuck in Sahara India, with the process expected to take around 45 days. The initiative brings hope and relief to investors, as the government prioritizes the interests of the depositors through a cooperative effort with the Supreme Court.

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