‘Gadar-2’ Set to Gross 1000 Crores: Director Emphasizes Authenticity of Numbers

Director Anil Sharma has said that his film ‘Gadar-2’ can earn even one thousand crore rupees. Anil said that his film has already crossed the 400 crore mark, it can earn even 500 crore in the coming days. It is possible that the film may cross the one thousand crore mark in the next few weeks.

On being compared to ‘Pathan’, Anil said that he doesn’t focus too much on numbers. It is more important that people like the film. Anil said that the figures of ‘Gadar-2’ which we are seeing today are all real.

‘Pathan’ Has Done Well, Our Film is Also Doing Well – Anil Sharma

‘Gadar-2’ is likely to break the record of ‘Pathan’ in the coming days. Responding to this, Anil Sharma told ‘India.com’, ‘I don’t believe in numbers. Pathan earned very well.

‘KGF-2’ also collected well. Now ‘Gadar-2’ is also earning well. Now it remains to be seen how far the film goes.

The Numbers of Our Film Are Not Fake… They Are Real

Anil Sharma further said, ‘This is not our film but the public’s film. It has already earned 400 crores. This film can earn Rs 500 crore in the coming weeks. It is possible that the film may cross the one thousand crore mark after some time, so we have not focused on these figures.

We are trying to create space in people’s hearts through our film. People are watching and liking the film, that’s enough for us. Whatever box office numbers we are seeing are not fake but real’.

‘Gadar-2’ Beat Pathan in the Second Week

Pathan collected Rs 543 crore. The film earned Rs 300 crore in the first week itself. The film’s earnings slowed down in the second week. On the other hand, ‘Gadar-2’ earned 284.63 crores in the first week.

Gadar-2’s earnings in the second week were better than ‘Pathan’. Pathan collected 91.5 crores in the second week. While ‘Gadar-2’ earned Rs 134.47 crore.

‘Gadar-2’ Is Yet to Reach ‘Pathan’

The first possibility was that ‘Gadar-2’ would break Pathan’s record. But now it seems difficult. Now new films like Dream Girl-2 have also been released. Apart from this the screen count of Gadar-2 is also only 4000.

Pathan was released on 5500 screens. This was one of the major reasons for the film’s earnings. Some trade experts on social media are predicting that the film can collect up to Rs 510 crore in its lifetime.

If possible, the film will reach ‘Baahubali 2’ (510.99) but will not be able to break the record of ‘Pathan’.

In the Era of 600 Crores, We Made a Film for 60 Crores

Anil Sharma had talked about the film’s budget in an old interview given to ‘News18’. He said, ‘Perhaps the film was taken lightly in the beginning. For this reason, we didn’t get much budget. In today’s age where films are made for 600 crores, we have made this film for 60 crores’.

Anil mentioned ‘Adipurush’ here without naming him, which had a budget of 600 crores but the film failed to show anything special.

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